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Through coding we have the potential to change the world for the better. Computing is one of my favourite subjects at Regent. Jonathan, Year 6
RIS Student Coder

At Regent we have a cutting-edge Applied Innovation Department where we learn how to decipher codes and research about technology. We read a lot about coding through online forums, we follow the latest developments in computer science – we even learned about the Mars rover! Through online resources we engage and collaborate on a number of activities. During last term, we participated in a Lego robotics competition that was help in Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi. I am fortunate enough to have made the cut. There were 3 groups from Regent International School, and I was in one of the groups. Our project for the competition was a football kicker, we used the Lego bricks in the box to build and program our robot.

Each of us had a role in the project. The football kicker would kick the ball rapidly by showing an object to the sensor, the ball would be positioned and be ready to shoot the ball, and then when the goalie moves from one spot, the ball would be kicked straight and then, GOAL! So we practiced on designing, building and programming our robot every day at lunch and then after a couple of weeks we went to Abu Dhabi prepared for the win. At the end of the competition, the results were announced our team – ‘Code Crushers’ won 1st place. We are constantly exposed to competitions and other coding events. This helps us understand how other students code and broadens our understanding.

Choose one of the three Regent Performing Arts Squads: Illuminate for the instrument players, Dramatise for aspiring actors or Vocalise for singers. Luna, Year 6
Regent International School Shrek Musical

There is something for everyone at Regent. I am from The Netherlands and I am 11 years old and I love to perform. Conveying a story without speaking, is what gets me about performing before a live audience. I have been very fortunate to have had great teachers at Regent every year since FS1, who have encouraged me to pursue my passion as well as my educational goals. From Modern to Ballet to Contemporary to Street Dance to Acrobatics to Singing, this school has given me an opportunity to put forward each of my talents. It’s nice to join the performing arts at school because you can choose one of the three Regent Performing Arts Squads: Illuminate for the instrument players, Dramatise for aspiring actors or Vocalise for singers.

These squads provide all-round training and also prepares everybody for the musical we have every year. I love to be part of it as it’s a fun way to interact with my friends. It’s challenging as you have to learn a script, sing or dance and be confident to perform it on stage. There are a lot of rehearsals after school or during break times and extra singing lessons to help you progress. One has to be hard working, collaborative and dedicated to become a confident performer – but if you love what you do then it doesn’t matter at all! I know enjoy every minute of it! Wherever I end up in life, I will always look back at my time at Regent International School with happy memories.

Just like Cristiano Ronaldo, I have to practice a lot to remain in the A Team for the U8s. I do not give up until the final whistle. Ethan, Year 6
RIS Ethan, Year 6

What am I passionate about? I have been passionate about football since I was a little baby. I would watch my dad playing football with his team and also sit with him when he watched football games on TV. Ever since I was in Year 1, I shared my love of football with Mr. Williams, who was very kind and encouraging. He always made time to listen to me, watch videos of my games and read the letters that I wrote asking him about his favorite team Liverpool. I started training with Soccer Kids when I was only two and a half years old and always practiced at home as well with my parents. When I joined Regent International in FS1, I really wanted to join the school football team. I had to wait until I got to Year 3 to finally make the squad. I loved going to the different tournaments with the squad, especially when I got to take free kicks. Mr. Poulton took us to three tournaments-he was very kind and helped me a lot. My dad also came to the matches and encouraged me to score goals, of which I scored quite a few (even a hat trick in one match!).

Most of my football games are outside school with my current team Spanish Soccer Schools. We train together twice a week and play games against other teams or clubs during the weekend. I love to win trophies with my team and celebrating our wins. I also play football in school with my friends during PE and during the lunch break and sometimes I teach them the things I’ve learnt during my training. The thing I love most about football is scoring goals and dribbling the ball past the defenders. My favorite team is Juventus and my favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I love how he dribbles with the ball, how he shoots and how hard he works to remain the best player in the world. My dream is to be like him some day and I know that I will have to practice a lot to make my dream come true. Just like Ronaldo, I have to practice a lot to remain in the A team for the U8s. Before a big game, I eat a healthy meal, focus and think about how I’m going to play. During the game, I give it my best and never give up until the final whistle. My parents are my biggest supporters and my little sister is my favorite cheerleader.

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In Year 1, we are learning how to use stop motion animation to support our learning. This week in Social Studies and Computing, we created a stop motion animation video to show the development of Dubai. We used our character strengths of teamwork, perseverance and creativity.…

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