Leadership Team & Teachers | Regent International School Dubai, UAE
Leading with Empathy, Innovation and a Spirit of Excellence to Inspire Positive Change in the Community Through Education

Our Senior Leadership Team members are internationally recognised education practitioners with deep expertise in teaching and learning, school administration and governance, and curriculum delivery and assessment. They empower and inspire our teachers to engage in cross disciplinary, active and collaborative teaching. The team is further guided by a passionate Board of Directors with over three decades of experience in building and managing schools.

Mrs. Shakuntala Mankani
Mrs. Veena Vaswani
Mr. Sanjay Mankani
Managing Director
Mr. Ajay Mankani
Executive Director
Mrs. Katrina Mankani
Director of Positive Education & Innovation, Managing Director Jumeirah International Nurseries
Mrs. Devika Mankani
Chief Positive Psychologist
Dr. Neil Hopkin
Executive Principal, Fortes Education
Mr. Jason King
Mr. David Williams
Head of Primary
Ms. Catherine Hill
Deputy Head Teacher - Secondary Phase
Mr. Steve Dobson
Head of Key Stage 2 & Secondary
Natalie Waterman
Ms. Natalie Waterman
Deputy Head of Key Stage 2 & Secondary
Ms. Joanne Leslie
Deputy Head of EYFS & Key Stage 1
Mr. Matthew Flynn
Deputy Head of EYFS & Key Stage 1
Ms. Leonie Holness
Assistant Head Teacher - Inclusion
Dr. Kayleigh Sumner
Assistant Headteacher - Positive Education & Wellbeing
Mr. Troy Ellison
Head of ICT & Computing
Ms. Colette Kelly
Head of PE & Sports
Ms. Anisa Bharmal
Head of Department - Music
Mr. Imededdine Allagui
Head of French
Dr. Ibtihaje Senne
Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Mr. Abdul Razzak Hammoud
Arabic B - Lead
Ms. Nada Fathy
Deputy Head - Arabic & Islamic Studies & Arabic A Lead
Ms. Maiada Mohamed Gad
Arabic B Lead
Abdel Hadi
Mr. Abd El Hadi Ramadan
Islamic Studies Lead
Ms. Faye McLaughlin
Inclusion Manager
Scott Poulton
Mr. Scott Poulton
Primary PE - Lead
Elizabeth Harvey
Ms. Elizabeth Harvey
EYFS & Key Stage 1 - English Lead
Mr. Thomas Burnett
EYFS & Key Stage 1 - Maths Lead
Jodie Boyle
Ms. Jodie Boyle
EYFS & Key Stage 1 - Science Lead
Ms. Alexandra Edward
EYFS & Primary - Positive Education Lead
Alexandra Wray
Ms. Alexandra wray
Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3 - English Lead
Lauren Watkin
Ms. Lauren Watkins
Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3 - Maths Lead
Nicole Waterman
Ms. Victoria Porter
Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3 - Science Lead
Jack Winston
Mr. Jack Winston
Secondary - English & Humanities Lead
Mishal Rahim
Ms. Mishal Rahim
Secondary - Maths & Science Lead
Grace Stewart
Ms. Grace Stewart
Secondary - Positive Education Lead
Jonathan Cahill
Mr. Jonathan Cahill
Year 6 Lead
Mr. Shane McLaughlin
Year 5 Lead
Ms. Lucy Deeley
Year 4 Lead
Hannah Browne
Ms. Hannah Browne
Year 3 Lead
Rachael Ferguson
Ms. Rachael Ferguson
Year 2 Lead
Jessica Palm
Ms. Jessica Palm
Year 1 Lead
Victoria Porter
Ms. Victoria Porter
FS2 Lead
Ms. Jessica Parkin
FS1 Lead

We have a diverse leadership team at Regent with different responsibilities all inspired by one common purpose – to do what’s right for our students. 

Our educators have taught at leading schools globally, hail from top-ranked universities in the UK, and constantly hone and enhance their skills with our Continued Professional Development initiatives. We encourage teachers to take risks, make creative choices and innovate to keep improving our education and keep Regent at the forefront of cutting-edge teaching. 

 Our entire leadership team and our teachers live, teach, and practise the principles of Positive Education (PosEd) in every initiative they undertake.  

We incorporate empathy and compassion at every step and more importantly, we prioritise each child’s wellbeing so they develop a deep-rooted love for learning and acquire skills to direct their own learning. 

My child is really happy at Regent.

He knows this is a safe and fun environment, his feels loved and nourished,

and his mental wellbeing always comes first.

Liudmila Oberfeld, Regent Parent

My kids love the school! Teachers and staff are approachable,

friendly, and ready to listen to our concerns and

always address our children's individual needs! Highly recommended!

Nagham Ezzeddine, Regent Parent

Each day at the school has been amazing for my daughter.

She loves learning new things and

Regent provides the right opportunities for her.

Nazish Khan, Regent Parent

It was an honour to have enriching interactions with the students and nurturers of Regent on their unique platform,

Think & Thrive. I was impressed by the students’ perceptive and mature observations and questions.

Suparna Menon, Partner MEA, IBM iX, Guest Speaker

Possibilities are infinite at Regent. There are no limits to letting my child's imagination grow.

He has become ambitious in his thinking and outlook, which is great.

Children are encouraged to take chances, try anything and not be afraid.

John Wesley, Regent Parent

Regent is an amazing school with great facilities and an exceptional learning environment for all year groups and ages.

The strong sense of community makes Regent more than just a place to study

Jayden Dowson, Head Boy

Very strong curriculum with rich learning opportunities that has a positive impact on the child's progress.

KHDA Report

The quality of curriculum provided by the school is outstanding.

It is broad and balanced, and enriched by a wide range of extracurricular activities.

A thematic approach is used across the school to develop learning through connections across subjects, context and the pupils’ passions.

BSO Inspection Report


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