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Re: School Access Update

4th November 2019

Re: School Access Reminder

Dear Parents,

This is a friendly reminder that the school’s back gates (Gate B and Gate C) are back to its original gate opening times for morning drop-off and afternoon collection as previously communicated on Sunday, the 27th of October 2019.

Please be reminded to use Gate A (school’s front/main gate) if you wish to access the school or our administrative offices (e.g. Front of House, Admissions, Bursar, Transport and Shop) between morning drop-off and afternoon collection times.

If your children are late in the morning (after the UAE National Anthem has been played at 7:45 AM), kindly drop your children at the school reception via Gate A (front gate). Late students will have to provide their student lanyards to our attendance officer in order to accurately capture student arrival time on our system. A member from our support staff will escort the late students to their classrooms from the school’s reception.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind parents and carers that they should also be wearing their parent or authorised pick-up lanyards whenever they come on to school property – please wear them around your neck so that they can be clearly seen by everyone on site. Child protection and safeguarding is always a priority for us at Regent International School so it is very important you adhere to these rules. Anyone not wearing a lanyard will be challenged by our school staff; if you are unable to produce your lanyard, or provide security with ID you will not be allowed onto school property. If you have not been issued a lanyard please visit or contact our Admissions department.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Gaynor Dale