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Re: Parent Engagement Week Workshops

Dear Parents,

The week beginning 10th November is our Achievement Centre Parent Engagement Week.   Traditionally, we have held presentations that we have offered to specific families.  However, this year we would like to extend our invite to all our RIS families. 

Please find details of the talks that will be offered below. 

If you plan to attend please let us know by clicking this link as there will be limited number of spaces.

Monday 11th November 8am-9am- Advocating for your Child

This workshop will address ways in which parents of children with additional needs can become more fully involved and empowered in supporting your child’s progress.

This will discuss a range of areas such as choosing a therapist, participating in IAP meetings, connecting with other families and how to research in to the best ways to support your child.

Delivered by:  Head of Inclusion, Victoria McKeown

Age group – All ages.

Tuesday 12th November 8am-9am – ‘Emotional Literacy -? what is it and how?can we develop it it?’?

This workshop will unpick the concept of Emotional Literacy and why it is important to child development. We will also look at how we develop it in a school environment, and strategies on how to develop it at home. 

Delivered by SEN Coach, Faye McLaughlin.

Age group – All ages.

Wednesday 13th November 8am-9am – ‘Behaviour management – how to cope with challenging behaviour at home’?

This workshop will look at the importance of consistency, strategies to help tackle tantrums and how to eliminate challenging behaviour. 

Delivered by EYFS AHT and SENCo, Natasha Samuels.

Age group – All ages.

Head of Inclusion

Kind Regards,

Miss Victoria Mckeown