Ms. Nancy Hassan

Assistant Head - Arabic and Islamic Studies

Ms. Nancy Hassan is a seasoned education professional with an illustrious 21-year career dedicated to fostering academic excellence and cultural appreciation. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Literature from Ain Shams University, Nancy’s academic foundation has been pivotal in shaping her passion for education. 

Throughout her journey, Nancy’s commitment to continuous growth is evident through her completion of the NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership) course in improving teaching and learning. This accomplishment demonstrates her unwavering dedication to enhancing educational practices and leadership skills. 

With a remarkable track record spanning over two decades, Mrs. Nancy has held influential roles, including 7 years as the Head of Arabic and Islamic studies, along with senior leadership positions in various schools. Her extensive experience equips her with a comprehensive understanding of educational dynamics and effective administrative strategies. 

Nancy’s vision is both ambitious and profound – she aspires to elevate the study of the Arabic language and culture to new heights. Her emphasis on promoting cultural richness alongside academic achievement underscores her holistic approach to education. Her strategic leadership has consistently led to student success and community engagement, fostering a harmonious educational ecosystem. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Nancy is recognized for her approachability, team collaboration, and ability to inspire others. Her inclusive leadership style nurtures an environment of cooperation and innovation, benefiting both educators and students alike. 

Outside of her work, Nancy’s enthusiasm for learning and cultural exploration continues to flourish. Her endeavours to broaden her horizons enable her to bring fresh insights into the educational sphere, ensuring her students receive a well-rounded and globalized education. 

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