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Mrs. Shakuntala Mankani

Founder, Fortes Education

The torchbearer of Fortes Education, Shakuntala Mankani embodies the organisation’s values of excellence, humanity, lifelong learning and positivity in every initiative she launches. As the founder of the Fortes Group, Mrs Mankani carries forward her family’s formidable history in supporting education, a legacy that dates back to the 19th century. 

She brought her vision from India to the UAE nearly 40 years ago, setting up Fortes Education, beginning with Jumeirah International Nursery. Over the last four decades, she has overseen its growth into a remarkable educational enterprise with two world-class British curriculum schools  – Regent International and Sunmarke – and nearly nine nurseries. 

Her passion for philanthropy, emphasis on value-based education and firm belief in giving back to society have ensured that all the schools remain true to her vision while establishing themselves as centres of excellence.