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Mr. Steve Dobson

Head of Secondary

Now in his twenty-third year of teaching, Mr. Dobson has built up a wealth of experience working in a variety of different schools; and is now in his 7th year at Regent International. He is passionate about education and believes that the best way to ensure that children learn well and achieve their potential is to ensure that they are happy and enjoy going to school.Mr. Dobson was educated in the U.K., and after finishing University, he trained as a teacher at the College of St Mark and St John. He first moved into a senior leadership position at the age of 28, when he became the Deputy Head teacher of a small First school in Somerset. Since then, he has built up his experience as a Deputy and has taken on the role of Acting Head as his previous school, before working as Head of School.Mr. Dobson made the decision to broaden his experience even further by applying for a teaching position abroad. His first job in the UAE was in Abu Dhabi where he taught for two years, before he applied for the position of Deputy Phase leader for Y4, 5 and 6.Outside of school, Mr. Dobson enjoys taking part in football, golf, and surfing. He likes to keep fit by going to the gym and swimming.