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Mr. Shane McLaughlin

Assistant Head of Primary

Mr. McLaughlin is beginning his sixth year at Regent International School, and excited for the year ahead; his fourth year as year group leader at this amazing school. He began my teaching career in Birmingham in 2013, having previously moved from Ireland to the United Kingdom to study. For four years, he studied Primary Teaching, specialising in Physical Education and is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Psychology. In more recent years, he found the teaching of Mathematics a particular passion of his. Being subject coordinator for KS2, he views Maths as an important element when developing children’s reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as using and applying their learnt knowledge to everyday situations. There are many places in the everyday life and natural interests of young children where they encounter mathematical ideas. He personally feels that children need quality mathematical skills to satisfy their urge to function independently, for example in dealing with time, money, and logic. He enjoys the opportunity to think and work, and to see children express their learning in many different ways and that is why Regent is suited to him. He also has a hungry appetite for sports and Physical Education. Due to my involvement in schools and clubs and has a plethora of experience in teaching a range of sports. He loves witnessing children playing sport with smiles on their faces, as he believes that when children are comfortable in their surroundings, they progress at a much quicker pace. Competition and challenge are important for children to help them grow socially, emotionally, and academically. As well as sports, other passions lie in travelling and experiencing life in different cultures. Having completed a number of work experiences abroad, he feels that he learns best from the different experiences he has had and the people he encounters along the way.