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Environment & Sustainability Programme

Instilling an Awareness and Love for the Environment  

With climate change becoming one of the biggest socio-economic issues facing the planet, the idea of conservation, environmental protection and sustainability are deeply embedded in every initiative at Regent. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of global environmental changemakers.  

In EYFS, students are gently introduced to the wonders of nature. As the years roll on and students move up to primary school and secondary school, they work on challenging projects involving nature-based discovery and exploration of the outside environment.

Nurturing The Next Generation Of Environmental Changemakers

Children are taught about pollution, climate change, resource depletion, and over population damaging the ecosystem and are encouraged to think about action to mitigate them. They also learn how to make biodegradable products, engage in conversation activities at the beach, desert and involve the larger community. The idea is to take proactive steps to bring about positive change. We want them to make a lifelong impact not only on their own lives, but also the planet.

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