AI Learning Platform

Using Technology to Personalise Learning  

Our AI Learning platform augments student learning by identifying gaps in knowledge and providing personalised learning pathways, tailored problems for every learner, targeted intervention, catch-up support on lost learning, and varied learning resources. Students are able to improve their learning through self-paced study and practice problems in a range of subjects. 

 Besides this, we also use best-of-class online platforms like Microsoft Class Teams, Microsoft One Note, SeeSaw and NearPod, supplemented with a host of educational apps to support teaching and learning. 

Fortes Artificial Intelligence Learning at Regent International School

Monitor, track and improve progress

Supercharged teaching for a personalised learning experience 

At Regent, we use tried and tested intelligent intervention tools that combine learning science, AI and neuroscience to identify gaps, address misconceptions and provide teacher interventions at the level of a personal tutor. 

Adaptive learning 

To engage students, teachers are able to monitor the grasp of various concepts at an individual level, group students as per their mastery of the concept and increase or decrease the difficulty level of challenges thrown at them.  

Our AI learning platforms make this possible through their ability to monitor and track progress, record them and notify the tutor. With this feedback, the tutor is then able to curate and auto-assign challenges tailored to the needs of an individual.

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