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Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6): Applied Innovation
Gaining a Strong Foundation of Computer Science & Coding

Our bespoke curriculum enhances the National Curriculum of England, prepping students with a range of necessary digital skills of the modern world.  As a Microsoft school, our students are power users of Microsoft Office365, SharePoint, Class Teams and OneNote. They also use a range of learning apps to support and augment their learning.

In Computing and Project-based Learning, students have access to high-quality convertible laptops and iPads to effectively combine both traditional and digital methods of reading, writing and learning, whilst accessing the latest software programmes.

Our state-of-the-art X Lab, LaunchPad and 21st Century publishing and media studio, Regent Universe & Regent Galaxy provide students abundant opportunities & provision they need to create & innovate future, develop their collaborative and innovative character traits needed to flourish in life & at work.

Lower Key Stage 2

In Lower KS2, students gain a strong grounding of computer science and coding, developing a broader understanding & knowledge of the algorithmic process and computational thinking. They are introduced to SMART and block-based coding languages. They learn early word-processing and publishing skills, including Microsoft Office365, SharePoint, Class Teams & OneNote, not only for collaboration and publishing but also for app and website prototyping.

In our XTeam Junior, students take computing to a whole new level as they learn to apply STEAM thought processes. They invent and code their own physical games, toys, quizzes and prototypes, and become adept at analysing and solving problems.

Upper Key Stage 2

In Upper KS2, students broaden and deepen their understanding of computer science, learning a variety of programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Python to name a few. They code Raspberry Pi’s to and electrical components to produce real-world outcomes such as satellites and rovers They learn about Artificial Intelligence, robotics and SMART technologies.  Squads hard-code live websites to publish, celebrate, share and enhance both their class and personal learning, whilst others learn about design thinking processes to create solutions to challenging problems.

Students are introduced to a broader range of Microsoft Office365 features including Spreadsheets and Forms.  They develop leadership skills such as handling the technical lighting and sound for musical productions, teaching and supporting the XTeam Jr, and even publishing their own learning series on Youtube.

In the XTeam Senior, students expand on Project-based Learning, inventing and innovating with physical computing (codable electronics & Raspberry Pi) to create their products which we call “X”. They learn to use design thinking to produce answers to questions not yet asked – we call it “creating the future!”

By the end of KS2, students develop a strong foundation in digital literacy, design thinking and problem-solving as well as further their inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Challenges & Competitions
Throughout the school, Regent students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of coding competitions, hackathons, STEAMathalons and other events. Regent has won many firsts in STEAM and Edtech competitions some of which include the following: we were recognised by DEWA (Dubai’s government water and electricity authority) for creating a SMART Shoe for DEWA Robotics Competition; scored 1st place for Design an App Competition; won the Grittiest Award in the national #ParOne STEAMathalon; and scored Bronze, Silver & 1st place in 3 other categories in the Special Olympics’ Unified Robotics Championship.

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Learning through connections across subjects, context and individual interests


High-quality education, interaction and resources to empower students every day

Sports & PE

Enhancing confidence, responsibilities, leadership and communication for all students

Creative & Performing Arts

Building life-skills so each and every child can achieve their truest potential

What makes Secondary at Regent so unique?

My child is really happy at Regent.

He knows this is a safe and fun environment, his feels loved and nourished,

and his mental wellbeing always comes first.

Liudmila Oberfeld, Regent Parent

My kids love the school! Teachers and staff are approachable,

friendly, and ready to listen to our concerns and

always address our children's individual needs! Highly recommended!

Nagham Ezzeddine, Regent Parent

Each day at the school has been amazing for my daughter.

She loves learning new things and

Regent provides the right opportunities for her.

Nazish Khan, Regent Parent

It was an honour to have enriching interactions with the students and nurturers of Regent on their unique platform,

Think & Thrive. I was impressed by the students’ perceptive and mature observations and questions.

Suparna Menon, Partner MEA, IBM iX, Guest Speaker

Possibilities are infinite at Regent. There are no limits to letting my child's imagination grow.

He has become ambitious in his thinking and outlook, which is great.

Children are encouraged to take chances, try anything and not be afraid.

John Wesley, Regent Parent

Regent is an amazing school with great facilities and an exceptional learning environment for all year groups and ages.

The strong sense of community makes Regent more than just a place to study

Jayden Dowson, Head Boy

Very strong curriculum with rich learning opportunities that has a positive impact on the child's progress.

KHDA Report

The quality of curriculum provided by the school is outstanding.

It is broad and balanced, and enriched by a wide range of extracurricular activities.

A thematic approach is used across the school to develop learning through connections across subjects, context and the pupils’ passions.

BSO Inspection Report
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