How do we prepare children for the future? What skills do they require to lead happy, successful lives?

At Regent, our Applied Innovations Department provides a learning environment so students develop learning skills that prepare them for future-proof living. We encourage young minds to question, think about future trends, stretch their imagination and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. Through an innovative and cutting-edge programme of Project-based Learning, STEAM Learning and digital education, students develop skills to solve real-world problems. 

Regent International School growth mindset

Your child is keen to learn new things. We take this to the next level by nurturing a love for life-long learning. We develop children’s risk-taking ability, push boundaries, and empower them to achieve what they thought was not possible. This growth-mindset is a hallmark of great thinkers, performers, artists, sportsmen and leaders.

Regent International School Mindfulness Future skill

Your child is self-aware and has focus. Our education develops your child’s awareness of themselves and their environment and activities. Regent children are characterised by their mindfulness skills – which are clarity of thought, heightened performance, creativity and resilience. #RISWellbeing

Regent International School communication Future skill

Your child loves stories. Our Creative Arts programme gives your child a stage to shine. We extend their own experiences and imagination so they become inspiring storytellers, confident communicators and self-assured leaders. #RISReporter

Regent International School collaboration Future skill

Your child likes working with others. We develop their collaboration skills so
that they master how to get everyone together and leverage each person’s individual strength. Our project-based learning approach emphasises the adage, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ real. #RISSportsDay

Regent International School Leadership Future skill

Your child likes to take responsibility. We provide many opportunities to take
responsibility and persevere. We encourage learning from mistakes and develop your child’s confidence. We set examples through our teachers, so your child learns from seeing leadership in action. #RISStudentCouncil

Regent International School Adaptability Future skill

Your child takes onboard changes. We develop their character strengths to adapt to unexpected curveballs. Along with emotional support, we encourage your child to find new ways to adjust to new information, circumstances and technological advances – a skill not only required in boardrooms but also life.

Regent International School Creativity Future skill

Every child has the ability for unique, out-of-the box thinking and looking at the world. Our curriculum unleashes your child’s creativity and ability to see what everyone else has seen, but think what no one else has. It is part of the Regent magic. #RISPerformingArts

Regent International School Critical Thinking Future skill

Your child has an innate ability to navigate through problems. We amp up their analysis and critical thinking skills. Our everyday lessons help your child practise this skill of cutting through layers of information and figuring out new paths to move forward. #RISInnovates

Regent International School Scientific Literacy Future skill

Your child is innately curious. We unleash your child’s love for asking questions, exploring and ideating through our high-impact STEAM programme that brings together maths, the sciences and technology with the arts and humanities, developing your child into tomorrow’s change maker. #RISSTEAM

Regent International School Tech Literacy Future skill

Your child is digitally inclined. We develop this trait so that they are not only
knowledgeable of tech but also create software through programming. Our tech-first approach amplifies this future skill enabling your child to succeed in tech-intensive environments. #RISComputing

Regent International School Financial Literacy Future skill

Your child likes problem-solving. Our curriculum moulds this skill so your child develops entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills as well as a can-do spirit so they lead a rewarding professional life as adults. #RegentKidpreneur

Regent International School Empathy Future skill

Your child is sensitive to the feelings of others. We nurture their EQ so they learn how to cultivate positive relationships with their peers, which develops their own character and self-esteem, and ability of how to be heard and understood. We help them develop their empathy so they become a compassionate and contributing member of society. #RISMoralEducation

Regent International School Ethics Future skill

Your child knows what is inherently right. Our inquiry-based Philosophy for
Children (P4C) approach to learning nurtures your child’s ability to question and reason, so they can resolve dilemmas and act with integrity. #RISPositivityPatrol

Regent International School Social Awareness Future skill

Your child understands that people come from various social and cultural backgrounds. We develop their appreciation for other cultures and ability to work in diverse teams and cultivate meaningful relationships with peers – a
skill necessary to achieve happiness and success at  work and in life. #RISInternationalDay


At Regent, we equip our children with these life-long learning skills. We call it the Regent magic. These skills are what students remember well after they leave school. It is what enables them to carve out their own success and happiness in life no matter what challenges the future holds.

Regent’s Secondary School offers a cutting-edge Project-based Learning & STEAM Learning programme woven with the Humanities and Visual, Performing and Liberal Arts.
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