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Celebrating 26 years of groundbreaking education with 21st-century teaching techniques

For nearly three decades, Regent International School has educated and inspired citizens of the future.  We owe our success to our unbreakable belief in children – with the right mix of education and emotional intelligence, children can achieve all of their dreams and aspirations.

My child is really happy at Regent.

He knows this is a safe and fun environment, his feels loved and nourished,

and his mental wellbeing always comes first.

Liudmila Oberfeld, Regent Parent

My kids love the school! Teachers and staff are approachable,

friendly, and ready to listen to our concerns and

always address our children's individual needs! Highly recommended!

Nagham Ezzeddine, Regent Parent

Each day at the school has been amazing for my daughter.

She loves learning new things and

Regent provides the right opportunities for her.

Nazish Khan, Regent Parent

It was an honour to have enriching interactions with the students and nurturers of Regent on their unique platform,

Think & Thrive. I was impressed by the students’ perceptive and mature observations and questions.

Suparna Menon, Partner MEA, IBM iX, Guest Speaker

Possibilities are infinite at Regent. There are no limits to letting my child's imagination grow.

He has become ambitious in his thinking and outlook, which is great.

Children are encouraged to take chances, try anything and not be afraid.

John Wesley, Regent Parent

Regent is an amazing school with great facilities and an exceptional learning environment for all year groups and ages.

The strong sense of community makes Regent more than just a place to study

Jayden Dowson, Head Boy

Very strong curriculum with rich learning opportunities that has a positive impact on the child's progress.

KHDA Report

The quality of curriculum provided by the school is outstanding.

It is broad and balanced, and enriched by a wide range of extracurricular activities.

A thematic approach is used across the school to develop learning through connections across subjects, context and the pupils’ passions.

BSO Inspection Report
Our primary focus is your child’s future

We’re a global leader in a unique schooling approach called Positive Education, or PosEd.  PosEd combines outstanding teaching and learning techniques with the science of positive psychology, well-being, and happiness.  Our school culture is rooted in PosEd to not only provide the best possible education but also to help students become resilient, confident, tolerant, kind, and hard-working global citizens.

At Regent International School, we meet the requirements of the National Curriculum of England.  But any similarities to a “standard” school stop there. Each of our classrooms serves as an innovative learning environment where great academic results and everyday excellence aren’t the exception to the rule – they’re the norm.

Our tech-enabled classrooms open the door of possibility for your children, allowing them to become independent learners and strong leaders.  We use a combination of challenging programmes such as MultiSmart, STEAM, Digital Literacy & Coding, etc. to develop each child’s competencies.  And, we use Thinking Tools and Philosophy for Children in every area of our curriculum to sharpen their cognitive skills.


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In Year 1, we are learning how to use stop motion animation to support our learning. This week in Social Studies and Computing, we created a stop motion animation video to show the development of Dubai. We used our character strengths of teamwork, perseverance and creativity.…

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