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Yes, we do have a catering service. Here are some questions you might have.

1. How do I book the service?  

To book meals for your child, you can follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: Regent parents can Log on to our parent communication portal, VLE, and click on ‘Catering Services’. 

Step 2: The ‘Catering Services’ link will redirect to our caterer, Ansamble’s web portal where Regent parents can use their credit/debit card to top up their child’s account linked to their Student ID. 

Step 3: The top-up amount will automatically be reflected on your child’s Student ID. 

Step 4: Your child can swipe their Student ID (lanyards) to avail of the catering services. This is applicable for pre-packed food and Grab & Go services. 

As a summary, parents are encouraged to top up their child’s account using the Fortes VLE platform.  Students are required to present their Student ID to make payments, due to COVID health and safety protocols the use of cash is discouraged.  Students and staff can also make payments using their bank cards or Apple Pay.  

2. What is the price for lunch?  

The pre-packed lunch is priced at AED 22. This includes a starter (variety of salads) and one main dish. The pre-packed lunch is available for EYFS to Secondary students. Ansamble team will deliver the meals straight to their classrooms right before their lunch break. Parents need to pre-book their order in advance, via the links provided below. Orders must be placed every Saturday by 5:00 PM (cut off time) for the following week’s order.

Week 1 Booking – Mon 11th April to Thu 14th April 

Week 2 Booking – Mon 18th April to Thu 21st April

Week 3 Booking – Mon 25th April to Thu 28th April 

Week 4 Booking – Mon 2nd May to Thu 5th May  

Week 5 Booking – Mon 9th May to Thu 12th May  

Week 6 Booking – Mon 16th May to Thu 19th May  

Week 7 Booking – Mon 23rd May to Thu 26th May  


3. What is the menu?  

Communication will be sent out to parents about menus at the beginning of term and/or after the half-term break.  Menus are advertised in a 5-7-week cycle (one per half-term).  For the current cycle, click the below link to view the menu.  Each lunch menu includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well as bakery items, sandwiches, and main courses.

7 Week Menu

Grab & Go Menu

4. Do you offer special meal plans?   

As a nut-free school, all meals are prepared using nut-free products.  We also offer bespoke menus for students with special dietary needs, including gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.  For this request, please contact Ansamble’s catering team at information@ansamble.ae for a special price and to discuss what can be offered. 

5. Does your menu contain allergen information? 

Ansamble, our caterers follow the Dubai Municipality guidelines, and their standard of menu labels that include the ingredients, allergens, and calorie content. The menu also has a specialized coding that identifies the contents of the meal, allowing our students to check if it contains something they are allergic to. Please communicate this to your child if they are in Secondary school.  

With Lactose With Egg 
With gluten Seafood 
 With Soy Vegetarian 

6. Can my child buy food at the Grab and Go counter? 

This option caters to our Secondary school students and staff only! The Grab and Go section of the catering services is exactly what it is – you grab the food, make the payment, and go on with your daily activity.  Please be aware that some items may not be available daily.  However, we always ensure that there is a menu suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

7. Who do I contact for any queries, suggestions, and clarifications? 

The Ansamble catering team is happy to assist parents with their queries and for clarification. You can contact them directly via information@ansamble.ae or call them at 04 4238995 between 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM from Monday to Thursday. Alternatively, you can call their head office at 02 5514300 between 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 12 noon on Saturday.

Additionally, Ansamble PIC will be available at the school bursar’s office this Ramadan from 8:00 AM until 9:00 AM to assist with any catering queries or online bookings.

8. What are the catering timings? 

Catering is open from 9:00 AM to 2:15 PM from Monday to Thursday and 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Friday. 

Please note that only the Grab and Go section of our catering service is open on Friday. 

This Ramadan, alongside the pre-ordered packed lunches, Ansamble’s Grab and Go is open from 8:00 AM to 1:45 PM from Monday to Thursday and 8:00 AM to 12:15 PM on Friday.

9. Is breakfast available? 

A healthy breakfast, via the Grab and Go section, is available daily from 9:00 AM. Secondary students can only use this service at break time and lunchtime.  They cannot go to the canteen during registration, in lesson time or in the moving time between lessons. 

10. When is lunch delivered? 

The students’ lunches ordered via Ansamble’s online booking will be delivered to their classrooms prior to their scheduled lunch breaks. All delivered lunches will have the student names clearly labeled on them so that the teachers can easily identify and distribute them to the children during lunchtime.

11. What happens if my child loses their ID lanyard, will they be allowed to have a meal that day?

Ideally, students must present their cards for the purchase of any meals from the canteen.  If a student loses their ID card, they need to report it to the School as well as the canteen in order to disable unauthorised use of the credit.  A new ID can be issued to the student subject to the Student ID Policy of the School. 

12. What happens to the account if my child is issued with a new ID card? 

Parents can still use the same account; however, they must notify catering so that there will be no disruption to your child’s meal plan.  During this time, the catering services team will log your child’s name and credit to your child’s account using student name or student SIMS ID. 

13. What happens if I forget to top up my account on time, will my child be allowed to have a meal that day? 

Parents are requested to ensure that their child’s account is always topped-up. We understand that parents are busy and can forget to do this, therefore, students who have pre-booked meals will still be able to avail of the catering services.  The catering service team will note down your child’s name in order to charge the account once it is topped up.  However, parents are requested to regularly check the account and top-it-up if necessary, this will ensure there is no disruption to the meal service for your child. During this time Grab and Go will not be available to students who do not have funds in their accounts. However, they can get a set lunch meal on that day.  It is the Ansamble company policy that all accounts must be credited with funds within 24 hours, otherwise, the child’s meal plan will be disrupted.

School Timings

Year GroupTimings
FS1Monday to Thursday 7:45 am – 1:00 pm

Friday 7:45 am-12:00 pm

FS2Monday to Thursday 7:45 am – 1:00 pm

Friday 7:45 am-12:00 pm

Year 1 and Year 2Monday to Thursday 7:45 am – 2:40 pm

Friday 7:45 am-12:00 pm

Year 3 to Year 6Monday to Thursday 7:45 am – 2:50 pm

Friday 7:45 am-12:00 pm

Year 7 to  Year 11Monday to Thursday 7:30 am – 3:00 pm

Friday 7:30 am-12:00 pm

School Transport Timings:

Bus start times remain the same. For drop off, buses will leave from the school at the following times

Monday – Thursday

EYFS – 12:45 pm onwards
Year 1 to Secondary – 3:00 pm onwards

Every Friday for all Year Groups – 12:00 pm onwards

Further communication on this will be shared by our transportation department.

  1. We advise all parents not to send your child/ren to school if there’s a household member who is waiting for a PCR test result.
  2. All confirmed COVID positive cases within your household must be reported immediately to Regent International School’s COVID Coordinator, Mr. David Williams, at d.williams@forteseducation.com and your child/ren must not be sent to school. It is vital that parents should inform the school of any positive cases in your household, as soon as possible, even if your child is already accessing distance learning.
  3. If your child is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 including: fever, cough, cold, headache, body pains, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea then please keep your child at home. If symptoms persist for 2 or more days your child should take a PCR test (younger children should isolate for 10 days from start of symptoms). If symptoms are no longer evident, the child can return to school with a negative PCR test result. Please share the negative test with the child’s class teacher and our COVID Infection Control Officer/School Nurse, Ms Angelie Tampus, at nurse.ris@forteseducation.com
  4. All suspected cases must be communicated promptly to our COVID Infection Control Officer/School Nurse, Ms Angelie Tampus, at nurse.ris@forteseducation.comThe school will continue to inform parents individually as per the government guideline if your child is at risk, or they, the class, or year group needs to isolate at home.
  5. Parents and guardians are requested to continue the best practise of wearing your Regent-issued parent/authorised pick-up (guardians/carers) lanyard with the COVID vaccine button badge pinned on it to be able to enter the school premises. If in case you do not have the COVID vaccine button badge, please show your COVID vaccination proof to the school staff assigned at our school gates and entrances for you to access the school.

The Senior Leadership Team members are available, as always, at pick-up and drop-off times to discuss any questions that you might have. With your support and the guidance of the relevant government authorities, we will continue to provide our children with a safe, happy and high-quality learning experience, in school to complete the academic year.

  • We will have regular face-to-face education for the 2nd term starting 3rd January 2022.
  • Collective classroom and extracurricular activities will be discontinued for 2 weeks.

Please click here for the Official KHDA Protocol.

We are excited to welcome our students for the 2021/22 academic year and ensure to comply with new health and safety protocols given by KHDA.

Click here to view FAQs document given by KHDA or visit https://beta.khda.gov.ae/en/ for more information.

1. What are the changes to the age requirements for entry to Regent International School?
Age requirements will change for new students enrolled into FS1, according to the UAE Ministry of Education Resolution no (24).

Children enrolling into FS1, starting in September, must be three years old on or before the 31st of August.

Children enrolling into FS2, starting in September, must be four years old on or before the 31st of August.

Similarly, children enrolling into Year 1, starting school in September, must be five years old on or before the 31st of August.

The MOE resolution stipulates that all students currently enrolled at private schools in the UAE are not affected by the change. This includes students who enroll for the final term of the 2020/21 academic year.

Schools that start the academic year in September, in line with MOE Resolution no (24).

Year GroupAge requirement
Foundation Stage 13 years old by Aug 31
Foundation Stage 24 years old by Aug 31
Year 15 years old by Aug 31
Year 26 years old by Aug 31

2. When will this change come into effect?
This change will be applicable from the start of the 2021/22 academic year in September 2021.

3. Why was this change made?
This decision was made to bring more consistency to the cut-off dates used by schools in the UAE with those used by schools abroad. For example, UK schools in the UAE will now have the same cut-off date as schools in the UK, and international British schools.

4. Who will this change impact?
This change will impact children up to six years old who are enrolling in school for the first time.

5. Will the new cut-off date apply to all year groups?
It will apply to new students enrolling in FS1, FS2, Year 1 and Year 2 in all schools in the UAE, as stipulated in the MOE resolution.

6. My child was born in October and is now in FS1 – I want to enrol him in another school for FS2. Can I do this or does he have to repeat the year?
Because your child is already enrolled in school, the new cut-off dates in the MOE resolution do not apply. He does not have to repeat the year.

7. My son was enrolled in FS1 this year but I withdrew his enrolment due to COVID-19. He’ll be 3 years old in September. Can I still enroll him in FS2 next year?
Your child must have formally finished the previous academic year in order to enrol in the next one. Since he does not meet the age requirement for FS2 for next academic year, he must enrol in FS1. According to the MOE resolution, he can enrol in FS2 next academic year only if he completes FS1 this academic year.

8. My daughter will be 4 years old in December. If I enrol her in FS2 for the last term of this year – before the changes come into effect – will she be able to start Year 1 next year?
Yes. The new age requirements will apply for new students from the start of the next academic year only. The MOE resolution stipulates that all students currently enrolled at private schools in the UAE are not affected by the change.

9. I’ve already registered and paid the deposit for my daughter to start school in FS2 in September. She will be four years old in November. Is she affected by this?
According to the new cut-off dates in the MOE resolution, your daughter will not be able to start in FS2 in September.
Alternatively, we would be happy to transfer your child’s application to their age appropriate year group (FS1) and register your child for this year group instead. Parents whose children are affected by the new cut-off dates and who have already paid deposits for their children’s enrolment are entitled to a refund if they wish.

10. My child was born one day after the cut-off date. Is there some leeway given?
No exceptions to the cut-off dates will be given under any circumstances.

1)  Can I come in for a school tour with my family?

We are now able to conduct School tours to prospective students and their parents.

Physical distancing and other health and safety requirements must be followed when arriving at our school, for a tour.

Please complete the Travel Declaration Form before requesting for a school tour: https://bit.ly/3ghOOdv

  • Temperature check upon arrival to the school
  • Face Mask must be worn during your school tour
  • Physical distance of 2 meters must be maintained

2) KHDA Parent School Contract

To prepare for enrollment into the new academic yearplease note that: 

Students can only attend school in the new academic year if they are registered in the KHDA School System and parents have signed the Parent-School Contract. Please download the Dubai Now App which will enable you to sign the Parent/School Contract online. This only needs to be signed by parents of students who are new to the school. 

3) Documents for Registering at Regent International School

If you are a new family, please ensure that all pending documentation for your child is submitted to the Admissions department at Regent International School before 1st August. 

Documents that should be submitted to the school are:

  • Letter of current enrolment at school (Year 2 Up)
  • Transfer Certificate (Attested by UAE Embassy)
  • School reference letter (Year 2 Up)
  • School Reports – last Academic Year (Year 2 Up)
  • 1 Passport Size Coloured Photo (Student and both Parents)
  • Student Passport Copy
  • Student UAE Visa Copy
  • Sponsoring Parents Passport and UAE Visa Copy
  • Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Students Emirates ID Card (back & front)
  • Sponsoring Parent Emirates ID card (back & front)
  • Vaccination & Immunisation Record Copy
  • DHA Medical & Immunisation Consent form

4) Age Cut Off Dates

New students must be enrolled in their respective age groups as per the ministerial decree (820) of 2014.

The cut-off date is December 31 without exception.

The table below shows the age/year-group information of students aged 3 to 6. Regent International School is required to comply with the age/year-group criteria and the cut off date as per the ministerial decree.

YearFS1FS2Year 1Year 2
Age by 31st December3456

This is a federal law and we are not able to consider any exemption requests

Tuition Fees
Year GroupRegent International School Tuition Fees for 2022 – 23 (AED)*KHDA School Fees Fact Sheet 2022 – 23 (AED)*
Foundation Stage 145,373Click to download
Foundation Stage 245,373Click to download
Year 152,933Click to download
Year 252,933Click to download
Year 352,933Click to download
Year 452,933Click to download
Year 552,933Click to download
Year 652,933Click to download
Year 756,700Click to download
Year 856,700Click to download
Year 957,713Click to download
Year 1058,725Click to download
Year 1159,738Click to download
Year 1261,500Click to download
Year 1361,500Click to download

Please email your proof of payment to payments.ris@forteseducation.com



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An independent 3rd party bus operator “My Bus Transport Services LLC“, operates an air-conditioned transport service to various parts of Dubai to and from the school. Parents may avail of this service at their own discretion and cost.

Transport fees are paid in advance prior to the beginning of every term on the following dates:

  • Term 1: 1st August
  • Term 2: 15th November
  • Term 3: 15th February

The transport service, routes and fees are governed by the 3rd party transport company’s rules and regulations, which are subject to change at any time.

All payments must be made to the transport company’s name / account as shown below:

ACCOUNT NAMEMy Bus Transport Services LLC
ACCOUNT NUMBER101-43212798-01
BANKEmirates NBD
BRANCHGroup Head Office
REMARKSTransport Fees: Student Name – Year Group – Term (1,2,3) –

Please email proof of payment of the transport fees to:

officemanager.ris@forteseducation.com with copies to accounts1.ris@rorteseducation.com and

BUR DUBAI, SHEIKH ZAYED.ZONE 12 WAY9,7003,8802,9102,910
1 WAY6,9002,7602,0702,070
ZONE 22 WAY8,8003,5202,6402,640
1 WAY6,4002,5601,9201,920
ZONE 32 WAY7,5003,0002,2502,250
1 WAY5,4002,1601,6201,620

Transport Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Application for School Bus Services
My BUS Service application form.

For more information on our Transport Operations during Covid -19, please click here.

The school recognises the impact on finance of families with multiple children, therefore, in an effort to assist families in considering RIS, the school has established a tuition fee sibling discount for families with multiple children.

The sibling discount is applied to the youngest child in the order of birth / year group up to a maximum of 4 sibling discounts per family:

  • 1st Child: Full tuition paid
  • 2nd Child: 5% tuition fee discount
  • 3rd Child: 10% tuition fee discount
  • 4th Child: 10% tuition fee discount
  • 5th Child 10% tuition fee discount

The sibling discount scheme is available to those siblings from the same family who enrol at the school for one full academic year. The sibling discount is applicable to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th child from the same family. The amount of the discount is calculated off the actual Tuition Fee paid of the child who pays the lowest tuition fee amongst the siblings enrolled at the school. The maximum discount per family cannot exceed 35% of the lowest-paying sibling’s Tuition Fee.

Students in receipt of the sibling discount are not eligible for any other discount. Sibling discounts only apply to children who complete the complete year (3 Terms) and therefore the full year’s discount will be deducted from the Term 3 invoice.

Following your initial online application, you will be invited to schedule an assessment for your child. As the next step in the admission process at RIS, this session will be used to evaluate your child’s individual learner profile and preferences, so that we can plan how to best meet their needs upon entry.

Applicants from a Fortes Education Nursery or School are not required to schedule an assessment, as our teachers will pass on the necessary information to RIS in how best to meet your child’s needs.

At RIS, we exercise a positive, and inclusive admissions policy. We appreciate that every learner is unique, with different aptitudes and abilities. While there is no specific pass mark for the assessment, applicants must demonstrate a level of school readiness which will support successful learning experiences for themselves and their prospective peers in this common learning environment. Students with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) will not be refused an offer of placement on the sole basis of their SEND. In considering each application, we will take into account the capacity of the premises, staff and curriculum pathways to effectively meet the needs of the individual.Candidates will each be given due consideration on a case by case basis, in light of the overall dynamics of the cohort at that time.

Class Sizes at Regent (Covid-19):

At Regent, we have ensured that the learning spaces for our students within the campus are compliant with 1.5 m social distancing. Below is the breakdown of our class sizes per year group:

Year GroupClass Capacity
FS1 – Y120 per class
Y2 – Y1324 per class


Normal Class Sizes:

The school places students in year groups while taking into consideration the student demographics and cultural background, gender, individual needs, and prior year’s attainment and progress.

To maintain the standards and access to the curriculum, the school places limits in each class on the percentage of students having individual needs and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

The school follows the below teacher-student ratios. The school retains the right to increase the ratio to 1:30 when the situation warrants.

Year GroupFS1FS2 – Y1Y2 – Y13
Maximum number of students222426

At the end of each academic year, it is the school’s policy to mix and reallocate all classes throughout the school. This process is undertaken to ensure the even spread of age, gender, nationality and ability across the classes.

Applications are prioritised as below:

1stChildren of staff of Fortes Education, Tribefit, Fortis
2ndSiblings of a currently enrolled student at RIS
Group school / nursery students who completed online Application before 30th of November
3rdFirst Language English speakers

Returning students, provided they pass the assessment

4thNon-native English speakers who can access the curriculum without EAL support
5thNon-native English speakers requiring EAL support

RIS requires all students to wear the school uniform.

The wearing of the school uniform helps create an ethos of sharing and pride in the school.

Uniforms and school accessories can be purchased from the school shop.

Students are required to wear black leather shoes and dark blue socks.

Students who are wearing trousers must wear black belts.

Parents are to provide an apron for Art & Craft or Design & Technology classes.

Students are required to wear PE kit. White sports shoes must have white or transparent soles.

Coloured or black soles on shoes are NOT allowed. Details and examples of the required uniform can be found on our website:


Parents can make an appointment for the family through the VLE app by clicking “Uniform Appointments”. Here you will need to make an appointment for one child to be able to purchase for the family. Parents can also purchase uniforms online through the online uniform shop here.

Submission of your child’s supporting documents is required in order for us to consider your child for admission.

Please upload the below documents with your child’s online Application:

  • 1 Passport Size Coloured Photos of the student and 1 for each guardian
  • Student Passport Copy (*)
  • Student UAE Visa Copy (*) – if currently resident in Dubai
  • Students Emirates ID card – Copy front & back -if currently in Dubai
  • Sponsoring Parent’s Emirates ID card – Copy front & back -if currently in Dubai
  • Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Previous School Report – Year 1 and above
  • Vaccination & Immunisation Record Copy
  • DHA Consent Form – Year 1 and above
  • An Original Transfer Certificate is required for all students transferring from another KHDA registered school within Dubai and from Year 3 upwards for students being admitted from any other Emirate or overseas school.
  • Medical, specialist assessment and/or therapy progress reports, if the student has an identified speech and language, physical, and/or learning need, and Individual Education Plans from former school if the student has previously received additional language and/or learning support at school.

*Child’s Passport & UAE Residence visa should be valid for at least 6 months from 1st September 2014.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact the school, or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website:

Parent and Student Cards and Lanyards provide access into the school premises.

By accepting the cards, you and your child hereby agree to the below terms and conditions.

1.  Users must wear the ID around their neck at all times whilst on school premises.

2.  Validity of each card is subject to student payment of full tuition fee.

3.  Students with valid ID card can use various services within the school during the academic term/year duration such as Library book borrowing or subscribed optional services like bus or catering services.

4.  To ensure student safety, please wear this card around your neck when collecting students during school hours & present upon request.

5.  ID Cards are non-transferrable, non-exchangeable.  Please ensure that the ID cards are kept secure, and are not deliberately or inadvertently made available for use by any other person.

6.   Users must return all ID Cards and lanyards on expiry or when a student withdraws from school.

7.  Lost cards must be immediately reported to the Administration Office.

8.  Replacement of lost card is subject to AED50/-  and for lost lanyards at AED30/-.

9.  It is the duty of the parent/guardian to return all ID cards if there are any changes in the status of a student’s legal custody.  Please notify the School Administration so that we can issue you an updated card free of charge. Subject to documentary evidence.

10.  Alteration, falsification, copying or misuse of the ID card is a violation of the school’s regulations and will be subject to disciplinary action which may include reporting to competent government authorities.

Regent International School comes under the governance of the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) here in Dubai. For new students just arriving in to Dubai (or are entering a KHDA registered School for the first time) and wishing to gain admittance to an established school, then each child must first have legal residence here in the UAE.

The KHDA requires that all students are registered with on admittance to school for the first time.

There are 2 steps:

1. Emirates ID card Registration*: To register your child you should provide all the required documents (see annex 1 below) and submit the original Emirates ID cards to the admissions office for KHDA card reading.

*If a student is new to Dubai and the Visa/Emirates ID is in the application process then Manual Registration must be completed using the sponsors and child’s passport.

Please note: For manually registered students, the parent must sign the KHDA contract in person, using a digital signature Pad at school. 

2. KHDA Parent School Contract: All parents are then required to digitally sign the KHDA parent School Contract which is published after KHDA card registration has been completed.

Annex 1: Documents required with your Online Application:

We will also require the following documents with your child’s Online Application:

• Student Passport Photo (Please also provide a passport photo of each parent/guardian)
• Previous School Report
• Recommendation Form – available from school forms on this website
• Letter of Enrolment from your child’s current school
• Student Passport Copy (*) • Student UAE Visa Copy (*)
• Emirates Identity Card (*) – copy of both sides of the card
• Main Sponsor’s or Parent’s Emirates Identity Card (*) – copy of both sides of the card
• Original Transfer Certificate: If Coming from outside of Dubai for all year groups and for overseas students an original document for Year 3 and upwards only, including school stamp, signature, and attestation as applicable – a template and advice for this is available from school forms on this website
• Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
• DHA Immunization Consent Form
• Vaccination & Immunisation Record Copy
(*) Child’s Passport & UAE Residence Visa & ID Card should be valid for at least 6 months from 1st September of admission Year.

Transfer Certificate Policy

RIS is governed by the rules and regulations of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the regulatory authority in Dubai. Placement in a Year Group from Year 2 onwards is based on the Transfer Certificate provided at the time of Application.

Students transferring from:

  • a country in Africa, South Africa, the Middle East (except for UAE), South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Russia and the CIS, need to provide an original transfer certificate attested by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy in that country.
  • a country in North America, UK, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand need to provide an original transfer certificate on the last school’s letterhead, signed and stamped.
  • an Emirate in the UAE, need to provide an original transfer certificate in Arabic and attested by the Ministry of Education in that Emirate.
  • a school within Dubai, all year groups, need to provide a Transfer Certificate from the previous school. The previous school needs to be informed that the student is transferring to our school

Note, all Transfer Certificates must be in the correct format, signed and stamped (attested), as necessary, in order for your child to be registered at UAE Ministry of Education and the KHDA.

Registration of students is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Education and KHDA. Please note that without the Transfer Certificate it will not be possible to legally register your child in school or with the Ministry of Education or KHDA.

For a template of the Transfer Certificate (for your school’s use) and advice on attestation, please refer to the School Forms in the Admissions section on our Website.

Tariff for the following KHDA services as stipulated by KHDA:

  • Request for student Education Continuation Certificate for visa renewal (AED 120)
  • Request for student leaving form for the students who are leaving Dubai (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (within the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (after the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 520)
  • Request for attestation of student certificate or report card (120 AED).
  • Issuance of ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ certificate for matters related to School – Attestation (AED 120)
  • Issuance of ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ certificate for matters related to Students – Academic History (AED 120)
  • Request to change student data at the Authority – Student exam grade amendment (AED 120)

In case any of the above services are required, please make payment of the respective amount with our school accounts office before collecting the document listed above.

Whilst we recognise that occassions such as your child’s birthday, relegious celebrations or cultural events are special we do not hand out any type of sweets, biscuits or cakes on theses occassions.

To mark theses occassions we will accept a small toy/sticker/pencil that can be given out at the end of the day to the students by the class teacher if you choose to do so.

If you wish to give any other kind of treat to your child’s classmates then these need to be individually wrapped and personally handed out at the end of the school day  and once lined up in the playground.

Please be aware that some children may have food allergies and intolerances.

We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter and in being mindful of the schools healthy eating policies.

For reasons of Health and safety and practicality – trolley bags are not allowed at Regent International school.

All Students are provided with a ‘Locker’ to store their belongings during the school day.

Regent International school has been inspected and rated as “Very Good” with Outstanding features by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) the educational authority of the government of Dubai and “Outstanding” by British School Overseas.

You can find more information regarding our rating and inspections using the following link: http://www.risdubai.com/Our-School/Reports-Accreditations/Reports

Social distancing is a necessary measure to prevent the spread of the virus, therefore strict health and safety measures will be followed to ensure mealtimes are safe for all members of the Fortes community. In order to create a safe environment and ensure compliancy with the directives issued by the authorities, the following measures will be taken during break times:


  • All students will eat lunch within their designated Zone or Social Bubbles.
  • Our catering provider, will offer a packed lunch option which will be delivered to the student’s zone. (Parents can sign up via the VLE).
  • Alternatively, students can bring a healthy packed lunch.
  • As per the Ministry of Education (MOE) guidelines, water fountains are not permitted at present.