COVID-19 Visitor Protocol
Keeping our Regent community safe

Mitigating the COVID-19 risks has been Dubai’s top priority, and putting smart restraints on the residents’ movements has been the approach that the UAE government has been taking to ensure optimum safety measures for the residents. We at Regent have installed our own smart visitor management system to protect students and staff members from potential exposure to coronavirus.

Our visitor screening feature helps tremendously during a medical crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic; from avoiding unnecessary contact with staff and allowing self-serve sign-in for visitors to providing the option of asking visitors about their recent travel or current state of health.

We request all visitors to complete and submit the Visitor Appointment Form prior to entering the school premises. On approval, the visitor will be allowed to enter school as per their pre-booked appointment slot. These steps are mandatory and we request all to cooperate in order to safely continue school operations.

Visitor Management Form


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