What To Do When Your Children Worry Too Much

What To Do When Your Children Worry Too Much

Did you know that anxiety is one of the most commonly reported mental health problems in the 21st century? It is also one of the most common mental health concerns for children and adults, affecting upwards of 20% of children and adolescents over the lifespan.

While worrying is a normal part of life, excessive worrying and continuous negative thoughts can lead a person to feel overwhelmed, stressed, stuck, and anxious. Approximately 7% of children between 3 to 17 years old are currently struggling with anxiety. These children report not feeling like they are in control of their negative thoughts, resulting in them feeling excessive nervousness, indecisiveness, and an inability to relax.

Anxious children are often quite well-behaved and thus frequently go unnoticed by their parents, teachers, and coaches. Sadly, untreated anxiety can lead to depression, separation anxiety, social anxiety, missed opportunities and a decreased quality of life.

Parents often say that from a very young age, they knew there was something different about their child, but did not immediately recognise it as an anxiety problem. Some waited for their children to “grow out of it”, never expecting their child to become even more hesitant and apprehensive over time. They eventually begin experiencing complex emotions such a shame and guilt.

Other parents may view the anxious behaviours as normal, since they also behave(d) in a similar way; as a result, the parents of anxious children are often confused about what to do and feel overwhelmed, themselves.

To ensure your child is living life to the fullest, it is important to understand the ABC’s of anxiety, recognisee when it may become a problem, and know what to do.

About this seminar

In this seminar, parents will learn the difference between normal worries and clinical anxiety, as well as get a better understanding of how anxiety presents itself in children.

The 4 important areas revolving around physical responses, thoughts, emotions, and behaviours will be discussed.

Parents will learn about the causes of anxiety, as well as gain practical tools to assist them in supporting their children in dealing with life’s stressors.

Book your seat now to attend this free parent workshop on Monday, October 14th, 2019, from 8:00am to 8:45 am at the Regent International School Canteen.

About the presenter

Dr. Daniela Salazar, Ph.D.
The LightHouse Arabia – Center for Wellbeing
Dr. Daniela Salazar works with children of all ages, adolescents, and adults, specialising in psychoeducation, workshops, and individual therapy. Her aim is to help clients live a fulfilled and happy life in relation to their values.

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