Some win, some learn, and some have a good time – RIS Annual Sports Day 2018

Some win, some learn, and some have a good time – RIS Annual Sports Day 2018

RIS Annual Sports Day 2018
Dec 9 Key Stage 2, Venue: Sports City
Jan 14 – Key Stage 1, Venue: RIS Astro Turf
Jan 15 – EYFS, Venue: RIS Astro Turf


Organising a memorable sports day takes preparation, planning and perfect execution. Also, a little help from the weather! At Regent, we look forward to our annual sports day as it’s much about joining in and having fun as it is about competitiveness and winning! The activities, races and games are likely to include simplified, fun versions of track and field events – though still, of course, involving physical exertion and skill!

Sports day demands a lot of hard work and practice from the students, while developing their character inch by inch. We train our students on a consistent basis to challenge themselves every day, and for all of us at Regent sports day is regarded as one of the most sought-after events. Here are a few points to consider and get your child ready for a full day of activities:

Warm up
Get your child to always warm up before the activities begin. Start small. Run for 15 minutes and stretch those muscles. You never know where the kinetic energy source could come from if you have remained dormant. A good warm up also allows the child to push their limits further.

Stay nourished and energised
Whether it is sports day or just a regular day, eating healthy is a lifestyle choice. Avoid fizzy energy drinks. Drink water well before the activities begin. Have little sips in between activities, stay hydrated. Avoid caffeine drinks and fast food items – this will make you feel extremely lethargic.

Get enough rest
Resting is a very important before the big day. After a good practice session and all that play time, come back home and rest for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours. A good rest your child does not experience fatigue during the event.

Be supportive
Join us for Sports Day and show us your support! Post pictures, videos and tag us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can support your child without them feeling pressure to come first. If they’re nervous – and let’s face it, who isn’t nervous at the start of a lemon and spoon race? – then offer them gentle encouragement to give them the confidence in themselves to take part. And don’t forget to tell them to enjoy and have fun.

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