The Importance of International Day

The Importance of International Day

– by Saara Paudyal, Head Girl 2022-23

International Day here at Regent is always a powerful reminder of the diversity that makes up our school community. It is something the students look forward to every year, a day where we can enjoy and appreciate the different nationalities that call Regent home.

We all love trying new food from places we have never visited, watching the beautiful dances on the big stage, and of course, wearing our traditional clothing to flaunt our heritage. From celebrating unique cultures to acknowledging the struggles and achievements of different groups, International Day provides an opportunity to build empathy, foster inclusivity, and celebrate the richness that comes from our differences.

In the UAE, International Day is especially important. We are extremely lucky to live in a country that is a true melting pot of cultures, with people from all over the world living, working, and celebrating together. From Emirati traditions to South Asian cuisine, European fashion to African music, the UAE, and Dubai especially, is a country where different cultural influences blend seamlessly, creating a unique and vibrant global tapestry.

Just in our school itself, we have a total of 83 nationalities. My classmates and friends come from all over the globe. Diversity seeps into our curriculum in every lesson where we always have the opportunity to share perspectives unique to our countries. Whether we are discussing our local customs and cuisines, beliefs and religions, or our languages and flags, our cultural identity makes up a huge part of who we are. I believe that sharing our differences is really what unites us as a school, and International Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate this spirit.

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