We are ready for the digital future! Are you? Regent Secures Ed Tech Award!

We are ready for the digital future! Are you? Regent Secures Ed Tech Award!

From everyone here at Regent, we are honoured to receive The Education Technology Association’s (TheETA) Schools’ Award—the first international school to do so!

One of Regent’s Code Rockstars used STEAM to design and code guitars. Music never sounded better!

The award, endorsed by the UK Department for Education, recognises a school’s achievement in using educational technology (#EdTech) to improve learning outcomes and make learning relevant, creative and fun. The Schools’ Award is not solely about #Computing or #coding, as the judging criteria includes the broader aspect of how schools use technologies such as Regent’s own BYOD programme, apps, online learning tools and various other technologies to impact on student outcomes.

To achieve the award, Regent (like other schools) had to get a sampling of teachers, pupils and parents to score the school through their answers to their own sets of diagnostic questions. The scores from each set of answers are combined to achieve an overall score, which must meet or exceed the international standard score for that group, and which must also be comparable between groups, to check that the views of all three groups are broadly the same on key topics. The questions cover all key aspects of the use of #EdTech to support the work of the school. The award also acts as a school improvement tool.

The award is the only one of its kind, a public demonstration that Regent International School is ‘doing right’ by its pupils, ensuring that our students are being well prepared for life in a world where technology is everywhere and that your child’s learning has been–and is being significantly enhanced by the school’s investment in EdTech & the high-quality training of our outstanding teaching and support staff.

It is great for Regent to be recognised with an award, but the real award is the outstanding learning your children receive and the great teaching demonstrated in the classes day in and day out—from EYFS to Year 6…and that was the heart of the award’s purpose: those who receive our teaching—the students—your children.

Thank you to all for your continued support and congratulations to the Regent Family!

Please feel free to drop your questions in the Comments below to know more about our Digital Literacy Programmes and we will respond to them as soon as possible. To get in touch with us to book a school tour, you may please click here.

Mr Troy Ellison
Head of Computing & ICT
Regent International School

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