My first week at Regent – What our Year 6 students have to say

My first week at Regent – What our Year 6 students have to say

We have successfully completed the first 30 days of school! The first month is about moral, cultural, mental and physical development. Here’s what some of our Year 6 students have to say as they recount their first day back to school!


“On my first day at school, I arrived with a big smile and was received warmly by Mrs. Dale, our Principal. I felt like I was home – in fact, RIS is my second home. I met my Teacher, Miss Jones, saw all my old friends and met new ones as well. On day one, we had two Mathematics evaluation tests, so our Teacher could plan individual and group lessons. This really helps me understand how to calculate. Next, we picked up a very interesting book, ‘Wonder’. Our curiosity levels are so high; I am sure we are going to go through it probably before the term ends!”

“Year 6 is absolutely amazing! I have been at Regent for 7 years now, and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Soon I will complete my primary schooling and move to secondary. I couldn’t have learnt so much at Regent without my amazingly fabulous teachers.”

“First week of school was fun! On day one we introduced ourselves and met all my new friends; day two we started with our English Lessons, wrote a travel guide; day three we practiced our strokes underwater, day four and five saw more of PE and mount Cognito work around Auggie’s face to determine his feelings. Overall it was a fun day.”

“Our first week in Year 6 has been smashing. We dived straight into Maths with two incredible pre-year assessments followed by a double science survey. In PE in this term, with Miss Kelly, our teacher, we are going to be playing football (my favourite sport). I cannot wait for our class to become footy legends! ICT has taught me so much about computers and programming and this year we will kick it up a level. Arabic classes are better than ever, Miss Heba will be teaching us how to hold up a 5-min conversation in Arabic. French is no laughing matter, with the help of Mr Imed, we are looking forward to becoming elite language learners.”

“The first thing we did on the first day was school was to know our class so we all chose a locker and a seat then we all said something about ourselves. After that, we had to build a bridge made out of Lego and it had to withstand a weight of one kg. Fortunately, mine survived, and the rest of the day was easy. The next few days were challenging as we started with multiplications, reading, problem solving, etc. To summarize, it was great to see everyone ready to learn and grow in a positive way, which is the Regent way.”

“I am super stoked about squads this year, finally, I’ll be given a do-over! ‘A do-over for what?’ you may ask, a do-over for my acting skills! Last year, you would be lucky if you missed my lines for whatever reason, because I was the most awkward person on stage, even when I was supposed to be enthusiastic I sounded like the most uninterested human being in that musical! However, despite my negative thoughts about my actions last year, I am excited to be able to have a second chance! Especially because this is my last year at Regent and in primary, I really want to make it count. Therefore, I’ll be trying to do things that I never really got the chance to do in the Year 5.”

“As I walked to school with my family, I was very excited to start my first day of Year 6. I couldn’t wait to meet all my friends and ask them what they did for the summer. I was excited to greet my class teacher. Only one word comes to my head when I recount stepping on the school ground – ecstatic!”

“My first week at school was just amazing. We applied for class jobs, did creative writing and had fun in other specialist teachers’ classes (French, Arabic, Music, etc.). Although this year was going to be hard, we as Year 6’ have to be role models for the younger year groups. As we are the oldest, we now need to start helping with judging school competitions, inter-school competitions and other school related jobs. All of this excitement, all of this love, was shared just in the first week, I can’t imagine what it would be like at the end of the year. I want to make my last year at Regent the best year ever!”

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