Key questions parents ask when considering a new school for their children

Key questions parents ask when considering a new school for their children

The choice of schools in Dubai is vast and there are many key and important considerations that parents must make. Often, families are living in the Middle East for the first time and in many cases, getting used to life away from the place they have always known as home. The choice of school for parents can feel like a minefield as they consider the needs of their children along with the value that they will get for the fees that they pay. Naturally at first, parents will be influenced by schools that reflect the same morals and values as themselves as well as those that will allow the smoothest transition for their children.

So the first and most important question that I am asked by parents in this diverse international setting is:

1) Does it matter that my child cannot speak fluent English?
I put families at ease by reassuring them that over half of our intake includes children who have English as a second language and in many cases, children have no English at all. We have the support systems and infrastructure in place through our inclusive practices and Individual Needs Department to support all learners. We may advise that some intensive English classes are attended prior to the arrival into school so that the child has the best chance of accessing the curriculum on entry to Regent.

Parents often want to know what we do beyond the classroom so establishing what extra value they can expect from our school:

2) What ECAs and Curriculum enrichment activities do you provide?
I explain that we have 60+ Extra Curricular activities that are available to Years 2-6 delivered by teachers and that we encourage these activities to be as innovative as possible, for e.g.: A club all about sustainability or one that teaches children to be entrepreneurs. There are a wealth of other opportunities such as the KS2 residential outdoor pursuits trips into the desert, the opportunity to enter Computing and Coding competitions, as well as developmental groups and squads for the Sports and Performing Arts; we cater for the passions and interests of all pupils.

Parents are reassured to hear about the quality of teaching and learning and to know from where in the world our classroom teachers have been appointed?

3) Are the teachers all appointed from the UK?
All of our classroom and subject teachers, except for Arabic and Islamic are recruited from the UK. They typically have 2-3 years’ experience of teaching in Good and Outstanding schools in the UK as a minimum and we handpick teachers who we know embody the values, mindset and educational philosophy of Regent International School. Our recruitment period starts early in the academic year so that we can be sure to select the very strongest teachers whilst they are still available.

These three questions form the basis of many discussions during our school tours and I am always proud to be able to respond, knowing that on all counts we can deliver a service and level of care to our families which competes with the very best schools in Dubai.

Please feel free to drop your questions in the Comments below and we will respond to them as soon as possible. To get in touch with us to book a school tour, you may please click here.

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Last updated on Sep 20, 2018

    • Nimesh

      September 21, 2018, 1:30 pm

      I want to enquire abt admission for my daughter for grade 7 next year I think your session start from June and fees structure and how much is the fees yearly in your school how do I connect you to seek the admission I am also worried abt English no doubt my daughter spks fluently but then also it requires attention

    • RIS SLT

      September 23, 2018, 9:04 am

      Dear Parent, thank you for writing in. Regent International School is a British Primary School. After graduating from Year 6 at Regent, our students receive automatic entry into secondary school at our affiliate, Sunmarke – which is amongst the top schools in the academic league tables in the UAE achieving ‘outstanding’ GCSE and A Level results in the academic year 2017-18. The excellent English Department at Sunmarke has received phenomenal GCSE and A Level results for the second time in a row. Sunmarke’s English Teachers are highly experienced and we are confident through high-quality teaching and regular assessment that your daughter will achieve fantastic GCSE/A Level or IB results. To book a School Tour and meet the Senior Leadership Team at Sunmarke School please click here.

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