Transition to Secondary and the Years Ahead

Transition to Secondary and the Years Ahead

Exciting, anxious and the unknown. Starting Secondary School can be very exciting yet, a little daunting experience for many students. Understanding this as a parent, student and/or teacher is paramount. At Regent International School we work closely with families to ensure that a student’s transition from Primary School to Secondary School is an easy and smooth one. However, what does this look like? You may have many questions.

What are the biggest changes moving from primary to secondary school? What as a parent can I do to support my child/ren? What does a thorough and comprehensive transition programme look like for all children moving up from primary school to support them as they approach this big change in their lives? What approach encourages students to build the skills and learning habits to become independent thinkers – preparing them for life way beyond their school years? How do we create an environment which encourages independent and critical thinking? How do we promote and sustain a culture that encourages the integration of digital technologies into all areas of the curriculum? How can students engage and collaborate with their peers using a wide variety of digital environments and tools? How are high standards and expectations sustained enabling an environment of creativity without limits?

At Regent, through our ‘Positive Education’ inclusive approach students are enabled to flourish in a safe, happy and nurturing learning environment. Our principled, creative and innovative learning environment encourages our students to have a responsibility ‘for’ and ‘to’ the community. As well as a rigorous, innovative and continually agile academic curriculum powered by our ‘Signature Programmes’ there is a foundation of preparation around the core skills and knowledge that will be needed to meet the challenges of the future in continuing students learning. Our commitment to providing a high-quality education and multi-pathway model with bespoke career pathways leads to students being able to find the most appropriate route to study the subject of their choice at the university or college of their choice. Join me next Monday on October 4, 2021 at 9:30 AM to find out more.

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