Effective Study Skills that You Need to Know

Effective Study Skills that You Need to Know

Every time a person sits down to study, it’s vital to have an organised routine to make the most of the study session. Time is precious, and having everything needed physically and mentally will help students prepare for class. These studying tips can help students achieve their academic goals.

1. Have a Dedicated Study Space.

Students should have a dedicated space in their home in which they can study. This could be a place at a table in the house or perhaps a desk in their bedrooms. This space should have all the materials that they will need to study effectively. These items might include pencils, pens, highlighters, notebook paper and other office supplies needed to get work done. This prevents breaks in concentration and digressions that occur when students have to leave their study areas to get something they need.

2. Identify the Best Noise Environment for Studying.

Some individuals study best in complete silence. Others like to listen to music, either with or without words. Having access to music and headphones can be important for the latter type of learner. Some do fine with background noise like talking in the family kitchen or a television in the room.

3. Prioritise.

Students should make a list of what they need to prepare for class. They may need help learning to prioritise their study time. For example, if a test is coming up in a week, students should spend around half an hour studying for the test in the four or five days leading up to the test to avoid having to cram all the information in the night before the exam. Easy tasks should be done before more difficult ones, and students should prioritise based on homework due date as well.

4. Take Breaks.
Research has shown that taking breaks is vital to getting the most out of study time. Studying for hours straight can decrease comprehension and retention. Study for about 45-50 minutes at a time.

5. Learn a Note-Taking Method.

Students should learn to take notes according to an effective method that places value on organisation and getting as much out of the reading or lecture as possible. They should learn to write down main ideas and then the most important supporting details that answer questions like who, what, when, where, why, and how.

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