Where the Earth Comes Alive

Where the Earth Comes Alive

Living in the safe and protected spaces that the UAE offers, sometimes our children miss out on the small things that nature has to offer. The smell of freshly watered soil, the earthworm wiggling around the ground, the joy of watching a bud bloom into a flower, the sadness of watching it wither, or even the taste of home-grown fruit.  

Imagine your child being able to learn about pollination by watching it live rather than reading about it in a book or streaming it online. Regent is bringing the life of nature to the classrooms with our Environment and Sustainability Programme, and as a key part of the programme, we are building a greenhouse within the school premises. 

We are also introducing hydroponic farming within the school corridors, teaching our students how to grow crops without soil. 

With the programme starting from EYFS, your children will learn the importance of nature, conservation and sustainability at a very young age, ensuring that it is instilled in them for the rest of their lives allowing them to build better futures for themselves. 

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