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A Gateway to Knowledge and Learning

A Gateway to Knowledge and Learning

A place where toddlers read their first stories and learn the importance of responsibility by borrowing, maintaining, and returning books; a place where teens start imagining new worlds, get transported back in time, or travel to the future; a place where young adults find comfort in learning new things with access to the wealth of knowledge and resources available. A place we call the library.

At Regent this year, we acknowledge the importance of having a well-stocked library that offers key resources to all year groups, and therefore, in 2021-22 we will be introducing not just one, but two libraries – one for EYFS and the other for Primary and Secondary.

The new Regent libraries have been designed to develop a love and passion for reading and learning. Our libraries are warm, welcoming and inspiring, and stocked with interesting literature, novels, books, and resources. Creative spaces enable groups of students to huddle around a teacher for storytime or to read or work independently, absorbing themselves in their novels or research. The libraries are creatively designed. They are themed in comforting earthy, wooden textures and tones and bring in plenty of natural light.


As students enter the more senior year groups, their needs from a library evolve. In addition to reading literature – the classics, fiction, and non-fiction, they also need spaces for group study and research, as well as access to a vast amount of research material.

With Regent’s Secondary expansion, our new library gives students all of this and more. The new library will also give students access to study material for their critical assessments in their senior years.

We are as excited as you are. Click here for Recommended Reads by the Regent Library.

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