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We’re Getting a Makeover this Summer

We’re Getting a Makeover this Summer

Like with most feel-good school movies, there’s challenge and drama during the year, a makeover, and then with the protagonist staying true to themselves, redemption, and a happily ever after ending.

Regent had its fair share of COVID-19 challenges this year. We are getting a makeover this summer, staying true to our cause of giving the best possible education facilities to our children.

We are sure, come September, our children and parents are going to be extremely excited and overjoyed with the results and of course, coming back to school.

  1. New EYFS to Key Stage 1 Library (FS 1 to Year 2) (on ground floor):
    Our early learners will have a beautiful, inspiring space to explore stories and of course their imaginations. Read more about our Library updates in this article: A Gateway to Knowledge and Learning
  2. Primary & Secondary Library (Year 3 to Secondary) (on first floor):
    Our older learners will have a larger and equally inspiring library for reading, self-study and research. Read more about our Library updates in this article: A Gateway to Knowledge and Learning
  3. Two Science Labs (on first floor):
    Students will further innovate in additional Science labs for chemistry, biology and physics.
  4. Multipurpose Glass Box (in Quad on ground floor):
    Regent will have a new large, openable multipurpose Glass Box for sports, assemblies, drama, and more.
  5. Greenhouse:
    Children will learn to grow and farm their own vegetables and cook their own food.
  6. Hydroponic Farming:
    We are bringing nature to the classrooms and corridors where children will grow and harvest their own vegetables.
  7. Parent’s Meeting Room & Café:
    We are giving our parents are cosy and smart café to hang out and brainstorm.
  8. External Façade Upgrade:
    This is a 2-year project and may not start immediately, but is already under planning stage.

Stay tuned for updates on our spaces in the coming weeks!

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