What should I look for in a Secondary School in Dubai?

What should I look for in a Secondary School in Dubai?

When I think back to my experience of Secondary, I enjoyed my time, achieved my grades GCSEs, A – Levels and University studies and made friends who are still incredibly important in my life. Now I wonder, is my experience that I had what I would look for today or for my own children in the future? The answer to this is: Yes, but I would want more. Of course, these experiences have shaped the journey that I have taken, teaching in the UK and now in Dubai. Still, I would want more for my own children.

With this in mind, it brings me to the question: what do I look for in a Secondary School in Dubai?

1. Environment

As I mentioned before, the connections and friends that I made have been really important in my life – even today! I look for a warm, welcoming, safe environment that develops Positive Education skills. Skills, interests and passions form the basis of who we are and allow us to make meaningful bonds with others, but they also need to be nurtured. With new experiences in life, that we face every day, I believe it is vital that character strengths and skills such as: kindness, creativity, teamwork and resilience are taught, developed and modelled by educators.

2. Opportunities

Chances for children to express themselves and have an opportunity to have a voice have come a long way in a Secondary setting. It’s important for a leading Secondary school in Dubai to have an array of platforms that children can hone their talents and develop their interests on. A chance to experience the Arts, sports, competitions, enterprises, accreditations and awards – where they can apply a range of life skills – provide a basis of a rich learning culture and experience.

3. Curriculum

I believe high quality teaching and learning of Secondary subject skills are key! They provide opportunities for us to choose interests and develop fundamentals that we would use every day. Moreover, I enjoyed learning skills across the curriculum and I valued the importance of them. However, I want more! I want my children to apply these skills in real-life contexts; I want them to think critically about their learning; I want them to have a range of physical and digital resources at their fingertips; and I want them to have regular chances to create solutions to problems.


My fondest memory of applying my learning, was in my Graphic Designs sessions – where I had to design, market and advertise, brand and create something – I chose a restaurant. Although, as much as I relished and loved the challenge, I knew that it would come to a point where it could not be a reality. I want my children to be able to turn their creativity and imagination into a reality and realise that they can make positive contributions to the world, today. This is why I am passionate about the learning philosophy of STEAM and Problem-based learning: solutions to real-life questions are the goal!

5. Support

My passion for teaching came at an early age, so my decision for a career path was straight-forward. However, I have many friends for whom this was not the case. Although, they had excelled in their GCSEs and A – Levels, there was still uncertainty as to which career path they wanted to choose. I want a Secondary school in Dubai to provide opportunity for my children to be able to have a range of experiences in order for them to choose their pathways. Furthermore, I want a Secondary school that provides support for my children to advise them when making these tough decisions. I want to know that the educators are there to support us.

In short, I want my children to have: a positive, welcoming and safe environment; a chance to express and showcase their talents and interests; the highest quality of teaching and learning of the curriculum; opportunities and the resources to create solutions to real-life problems and think critically; and educators who go beyond teaching, who advise and provide support when choosing career paths.

I’m really thankful that I now have the opportunity to work for Regent International School to develop and build this vision for your children! If you would like to know more about Regent, please schedule a school tour. We are always happy to receive new families, show them the facilities and tell them more about our loving school community.

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