This is how we like to move it, move it!

This is how we like to move it, move it!

We don’t think that the song – “I like to move it, move it”, an earworm for many, has ever failed to bring out a tiny bit of wiggle even in the toughest of hips. Two nights of the DreamWorks Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. at Regent International School and we haven’t stopped wiggling, tapping, clapping or randomly inserting lines like, “Can you keep a secret, my monochromatic friend?” into everyday conversations.

From the word go, it was evident that Madagascar was going to be a colourful and memorable affair. And within minutes of the characters arriving on stage at Regent on both nights, ‘show time’ at New York’s Central Park Zoo was well and truly under way. Alex did his usual strut, Marty turned 10 and made his mid-life crisis public, the plotting penguins remarked how unnatural their surroundings were, and Gloria the hippo, and Melman the “Hypo-congiraffe” thought that the zoo was the place to be.

Friendships were tested, especially between Alex and Marty, steaks were being dreamt of, and whimsical comedy was being dished out by the minute. Our younger audience members adored the animal characters, while the catchy and upbeat tunes also gave them much to enjoy. The elaborate sets added an extra dimension to the fast-paced, crazy shenanigans – the boat trip with the animals trapped inside crates was done wonderfully well.

At Regent International School, two nights of DreamWorks Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. have been a massive success. Our brilliant Primary students catapulted us from our lives in the urban jungle and right on to the titular African island – surrounded by a horde of wild creatures, both carnivorous and caring. The cast did a stellar job in bringing the musical to life. Songs were weaved together with catchy tunes that has had all of us humming non-stop. Madagascar, with its buoyant score and professional delivery, made this an entirely entertaining night for the whole family.

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