5 Reasons why the Performing Arts is Important for your Child’s Development

5 Reasons why the Performing Arts is Important for your Child’s Development

At Regent International School, we believe that music and the performing arts are truly powerful and are imperative for a well-rounded education. Performing Arts is not only one of our Signature Programmes, engagement in performing arts lessons, peripatetic lessons, and our vast array of performances, is a prominent part of school life for many of our students. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think that a Signature Programme dedicated to the Performing Arts is essential to child development: 

1. Creative Collaboration 

By engaging with music and the performing arts, students are given a multitude of opportunities to express themselves creatively, collaborate with their peers, communicate with each other and audiences, and to think critically. These skills impact student performance in other subjects, group activities and overall personality development. 

2. Positive Culture and Brain Development 

The Performing Arts reflect the positive culture of the school as well as an enriched school community, and we believe that music can contribute to better brain development, increase in human connection and can provide stress relief, which is essential in the current climate. 

3. Safe-space and form of Expression

We provide a safe and inviting environment for students to come and explore or play the instruments. We ensure our department is open during lunchtime for some of the students to use the areas if they need to. This gives them the opportunity to utilise the department at their own pace and time, as a place for practice, stress relief or a space to express themselves through dance or music.   

SHREK The Musical – Day 1

Watch our student community come together in performances of Madagascar and Shrek at the annual school musical. 

4. Personalised Needs 

For students with more diverse needs, we provide differentiated activities that are inclusive for those students to access the learning. We are aware that at times these students can become overwhelmed or need to take some time for themselves, so we also provide a personalised ‘music box’ which includes many different activities that the children can engage in. In some situations, this can help the student to have a bit of time away from the class to calm themselves and refocus their attention, supporting the student’s overall ability to absorb information shared in the classroom. 

5. Music Therapy 
Our Performing Arts team also includes a Music Therapist, whose vision is to provide more therapeutic music input for those students with diverse needs. Benefits of this can be in many forms, including general wellbeing, communication skills, emotional expression and developmental skills; these can range from fine motor to verbal skills. 

There are many potential barriers to learning for students, from being unable to focus, having a negative past learning experience to having low self-esteem. The Creative & Performing Arts Concentration Programme offers a safe space for students to realign their focus, gives them an opportunity to work on themselves by allowing an outlet of expression and boosts their confidence in public settings. 

Connect with us to find out more about our upcoming events and activations. 

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