What you need to know about classrooms of the future

What you need to know about classrooms of the future
When headquarters of large companies (such as Apple, Google, Tencent, Adidas, Airbnb, etc.) are going agile with flexible seating, customisable surroundings, portable walls and augmented reality, I believe that in the future classrooms will exist without walls and teachers will...
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Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we golf at school
At the world’s first artificial intelligence #STEAMathalon for kids & golf, held in The Els Club, Dubai, Regent’s Year 6 Students won (tied) Grittiest Team Award. Over a 2 1/2 month process, we did a whole lot of exploring and...
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Leading with Empathy: Empowering Our Children to Develop Diversity
Tolerance is a word that we see everywhere at the minute. But what does it really mean? How can we develop this in our children? What is the significance in the UAE? The UAE is a “melting pot” of different...
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