The Fortes Scholarship Programme

The Fortes Scholarship Programme, a recognition of ability and application, is aimed at students who have not only demonstrated a high level of academic, sporting or artistic ability, but have also displayed motivation and drive to achieve the best possible standards in all aspects of life.

Empowering, Cultivating and Celebrating Excellence

Our dynamic, innovative and future-forward curriculum meets the individual needs and talents of our students who excel in their chosen subjects with the help of dedicated, talented and committed teachers and subject experts.

The deadline for Applications is 15th May 2024.

What are the available Scholarship Categories?
Academics Scholarship
Academic Scholarship

Individuals who emerge on top of academics and strive for a place at the world’s leading universities.

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sports scholarship
Sports Scholarship

Talented sporting heroes who break records on the field and become a symbol of sportsmanship off it.

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music scholarship
Music Scholarship

Passionate performers who can mesmerise millions with their prowess on a musical instrument or the charm of their vocals.

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Student of the future scholarship
Student of the Future Scholarship

Young thinkers who showcase vision, ideas and innovation as well as skills for the jobs of the future.

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Scholarship FAQs

Students in Year 9 (British Curriculum) or equivalent in other curriculums applying for Year 10 and upwards are eligible for scholarships. 

If you are a new student at the school: 

  • After filling out the Admission Application Form
    Complete the admission application form to the Fortes School. In the application summary, select the button to apply for a scholarship. You will be directed to the Scholarship Form. 
  • Request for the Scholarship Form
    You can also request for the Scholarship Form from the admissions team, who will send you a unique link. However, the Application Form is mandatory in this case as well.

If you are a Regent student

  • You may apply for the scholarship via the VLE where you will find a link to the Scholarship Application Form. Click here to log in.
  1. Application Review: Your application will be reviewed by our Academic Panel
  2. Audition: Should you get shortlisted, you will be invited to the school for an audition
  3. Interview: If you make it as a finalist, you will be invited for an interview with the Principal of the school 

Finally, your application will be assessed and successful applicants could receive a partial scholarship on the annual fees.

A Scholarship is renewable yearly between Years 10 to Year 13. The student’s scholarship continuation is subject to a termly Panel Review that showcases his or her participation, growth and development.

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