Making Learning Accessible for All

Regent is an inclusive, non-judgemental school, which exercises a positive admissions policy and considers every application on an individual basis.

An equal opportunity to flourish

“Inclusive education is the process through which schools develop systems, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students are able to learn, develop and participate together. In an inclusive school, the curriculum, physical surroundings and school community should reflect the views and characteristics of its students. An inclusive school honours diversity and respects all individuals. Inclusion does not mean treating people the same without regard for individual differences” (KHDA inspection report, 2019-20 ).

We encourage all families to have open and honest conversations with us regarding their children. We will work with you to achieve and deliver the best for your child.  Our Achievement Centre (formerly known as the Individual Needs Department) is a caring and nurturing department that enables the best and most supportive environment for education. Our role is to determine how we can best meet the needs of a wide variety of learners so that all students can access an appropriate, meaningful, and suitably-challenging education. 

Read our Inclusion Policy 2023-24

Inclusion and Students of Determination Procedures 2023-24

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol

Federal Law No. (29) of 2006 Concerning the Rights of People of Determination

Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2017

Implementing the Education Policy Framework

Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2017 (Arabic)

Implementing the Education Policy Framework (Arabic)

Law No. (2) of 2014 Concerning Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai

Advocating for Inclusive Education – A guide for parents

Additional Educational Needs
How We Assess

We assess each child’s individual learning, language, and social-emotional needs upon entry to the school to determine the ways in which we can best support their progress, learning and personal development.

How We Support

Our team of specialists works in partnership with the class teachers, parents and external specialists to develop Individual Achievement Plans for students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities.

How We Thrive

Targeted intervention, both within and outside of the classroom, is provided by our experienced team of Individual Needs Support Assistants and/or School Counsellor to ensure the best possible learning to take place.

Able Gifted & Talented
How We Identify

We identify students who are Able, Gifted and Talented through Standardised Assessments (CAT4 and Progress Tests). Our teachers also use subject specific criteria to identify students who have exceptional gifts or talents in practical areas such as Performing Arts and Sports.

How We Support

Students have access to high quality teaching and interventions. They are given opportunities to explore learning skills and content beyond their curriculum years. Students are provided with enrichment activities both in and outside of the classroom to strength and challenge them.

How We Thrive

Students have access to Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) that are specifically designed to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Able Gifted and Talented (AG&T) students have a ‘Pupil Passport’ which details key information about their character, learning styles and educational achievements.

Inclusion Department
Inclusion Department (1)
Junior Maths Challenge

Regent Year 6 students preparing for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Junior Maths Challenge. This is a national mathematics competition in the United Kingdom aimed at students in Year 8 and below. It consists of a series of challenging multiple-choice and non-multiple-choice questions designed to test problem-solving and mathematical reasoning skills. The competition aims to inspire and engage young students in mathematics while recognizing and celebrating their achievements in the subject.

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