FRIS (Friends of Regent International School)

Dear Parents,

We are incredibly fortunate to have a dynamic, welcoming and friendly committee of parents and friends of the school, who over the years have helped to raise money and provide fantastic community events for our families. We would like to start this letter by thanking all of you who helped to organise events and all of you who attended and supported.

In true Regent style, we intend to match and surpass the successes of last year by ensuring we have as many of you to support as possible. We actively encourage parents to join Friends of Regent International School| (FRIS), a platform that enables parents to participate in their child's education and in school life.

The Purpose of the Committee

FRIS is primarily a fund-raising and events organisation with the sole purpose of promoting goodwill, parental interaction with the school, and to support the school in specific FRIS events which parents can choose to focus their interests on.

FRIS portfolios

All admitted FRIS members under the guidance of the FRIS Committee will work as a team. The below functions are common to all FRIS Portfolios. Each FRIS Portfolio Coordinator must delegate these tasks to the members of a specified FRIS Portfolio:

  • Organise the setting, furniture, food and refreshments in each of the FRIS Portfolio.
  • Liaise with parents in specified year groups and key stages.
  • Welcome new parents and encourage new and existing members to sign up as FRIS Volunteers and participate in supporting a FRIS portfolio.

FRIS Portfolio 1: Fund Raising

The FRIS Portfolio Coordinator of this sub-group will:

  • Organise and host any event, activity, or initiative to raise funds for the school and for certain pre-approved charities. Funds can be raised through a variety of ways, such as, Cupcake Sale, Mad Hair Day, Pyjama Day, Festive Movie Night, Craft Fair and Iftar
  • Enlist support of sponsors

Note: All amounts raised by FRIS will be used to:

Augment the school’s resources and facilities

Enrich and support school events, end-of-year parties, etc.

Support approved charities and charitable causes.

All monies received will be accounted for and parents will receive end-of-term information on money on account.

FRIS Portfolio 2: School Events

The FRIS Portfolio Coordinator of this sub-group will:

  • Organise / Assist / Support school events, festivals, fairs, activities (UAE National Day Festivities, International Day, Concerts, Swimming Galas, Sports Days) e.g. marketing, advertising, organisation, set design, costume manufacture, make-up, sound, light, choreography, ushering, traffic control, etc.
  • Organise / Assist in the End-of-Year Parties for every Key Stage
  • Organise / Assist in the school’s participation in intramural leagues and competitions in Music, Photography, Painting & Art, Master Mind, Quiz Night, etc
  • Promote the use and development of the school’s sports & subject-related facilities.

FRIS Portfolio 3: School Support

The FRIS Portfolio Coordinator of this sub-group will:

  • Volunteer Parents in this sub-group will undertake school support activities, such as:
  • Assisting and/or providing expertise, services or coaching after school hours in the school’s ECA Program in Sports, Arts & Crafts, Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Drama), Hobbies and Academic Booster Clubs.
  • Assisting and/or providing expertise or services during school hours in certain subjects, such as Guided Reading, Individual Needs Department in EAL, and Sports (PE & Swimming, RIS Teams & RIS Squads).
  • Accompanying students on field trips, camps, over-nights, match fixtures, residential trips, etc.

FRIS Portfolio 4: Parent Representatives

The FRIS Portfolio Coordinator of this sub-group will:

  • Help the class teacher appoint a Parent Representative for each class or year groupin the school.
  • Explain the role of a Class Parent Representative.
  • Set-up a meeting schedule throughout the year so that each Class Parent Representative does the following:
  • Attends all scheduled meetings;
  • Plans, coordinates and ensures that his/her class or year-group (as the case may be) actively participates in the activities or events organized by the school and the FRIS Committee;
  • Address “live issues” or concerns that arise in a class and propose a Solution Portfolio Coordinator for consideration by the FRIS Committee and/or FCEB within the parameters defined in Articles 2.2 and 2.3;
  • Be guided by the FRIS Portfolio Coordinator, on the duties of a Parent Representative.

Regent School actively encourages all parents to join as FRIS Volunteers. To participate in FRIS, please send e-mail to

Parents, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We encourage as many parents as possible to join FRIS. Volunteering in FRIS is a wonderfully rewarding and enriching experience.

 Please regularly check the school’s calendars for the FRIS Schedule for the academic year. FRIS news is published on the School's VLE. To learn more about FRIS, please visit the VLE and select the Parent Association Tab.

The Senior Leadership Team and FRIS Core committee members

Emese Doromby
Emese Doromby 
FRIS Chairperson
Banu Alptekin
FRIS Co-Chairperson
Victoria Boldescu
 FRIS Secretary

 Sonia Damani 
 FRIS Co-Secretary
Peggy Richter
FRIS Treasurer
Rijuta Ghate
FRIS Co-Treasurer
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