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FOREIGN Language Programme

At RIS, we teach Arabic as a native and additional language within our curriculum offer, from EYFS to Year 6. We also offer French as an additional language to all students, from Year 3 to Year 6. If your child is new to the English Language (i.e. ELL), they may choose to opt out of French for one year upon joining the school, in lieu of additional English language learning opportunities. This temporary curriculum modification would be based on a formal, mutual agreement between home and school.

As a part of the curriculum, we offer the following:

Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies

Professional teachers impart Arabic lessons to students where the Arabic curriculum is set by the Ministry of Education. Students are given an opportunity to learn about the language of the United Arab Emirates. The lessons are age-appropriate and lay an emphasis on listening and speaking skills. Students with Arabic as a first language are taught these lessons in Arabic.


French is taught throughout Key Stage 2 (Year 2 onwards) by a specialist French Teacher. The lessons are designed predominantly to develop a student's listening and speaking skills. Lessons also develop reading and writing skill and use a wide range of audio-video stimuli.

Mother Tongue Language Programme

In a multicultural society such as Dubai and a school environment that is as diverse as that of RIS, there is a tendency for children to forget their mother tongue as they do not find enough opportunity to use it, other than with their parents. Parents often get concerned that their children are losing touch with their roots and may not carry forward their native culture and tradition. To ensure that there is continuity with the mother tongue language, RIS, in partnership with parents, has come up with the Mother Tongue Language Programme. It comprises a series of community-run language courses offered at RIS to native-speakers of other languages. This programme also encourages parents to participate in their children's academic programme through home activities and classroom involvement.

Parents are encouraged to participate in learning engagements that support and promote the continuity of mother tongue through inquiry, reading and sharing information with the class. The RIS library supports the programme by ensuring that our content and media collection is representative of our community and the languages spoken.

Presently we have four mother tongue languages on offer after school: French, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian.

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