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Admissions Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees


Year Group Academic Year 2019-20
KHDA Approved Fees (AED) Timely Payment 
Discounted Fees *
Foundation Stage 1 45,373 45,110
Foundation Stage 2 45,373 45,110
Year 1 52,933 50,768
Year 2 52,933 50,768
Year 3 52,933 50,768
Year 4 52,933 50,768
Year 5 52,933 50,768
Year 6 52,933 50,768
Year 7 82,898 61,900  Preferential Discounted Fees for all RIS Year 6 Students transitioning to Sunmarke School, our secondary affiliate. T&C apply.
Year 8 82,898  61,900 
Year 9 82,898  61,900
Year 10 93,260 63,900 
Year 11 93,260 63,900 
Year 12 98,441 64,900
Year 13 98,441 64,900

* For full details of fee structure, any applicable discounts and fees due per term, please contact the Admissions Office.

Regent's Admissions & Fee Policy 2019-20

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Fees Inclusions

Fees for Application, Assessment, Acceptance and Re-enrolment are noted below:

Application & Assessment Fee AED 500/- A one-time application fee of AED 500 for new students (this includes the Assessment Fee) - Non-refundable & due on submission of Application.
Acceptance Fee
(New Students)
10% of Tuition Fee Non-refundable, payable within 2 days from the date of offer. This fee is deducted from the Tuition Fee due in the term of joining
Re-enrolment Fee (Existing Students) 5% of Tuition Fee 5% of Annual Tuition Fee or AED 500 (whichever is higher) - Non-refundable and due at the start of Term 3 of the current academic year.

School Bank Account

All fees can be paid at the school’s Account’s Office by Cash, Credit Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer to the below bank routing.   Uniform fees are paid separately at the School’s Uniform Shop.  Fees for field trips, events, fund raisers etc., are paid to the Class Teacher / Form Tutor as and when such an activity takes place.

Parents can also pay Tuition, Transport and Exam Fees only by Credit Card via the school’s secure Desktop VLE or VLE Mobile App.

Account Name Regent International Private School LLC Tuition Fee Due Dates

Re-enrolment 15th February

Autumn Term 01st August

Spring Term 15th November

Summer Term 15th February
Account Number 012000894069
Bank Name National Bank of Fujairah PJSC
Branch Jebel Ali
IBAN AE700380000012000894069
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Please email your proof of payment  to officemanager.ris@forteseducation.com and copy to accounts2.ris@forteseducation.com.

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