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Our Team

Our Team

Recruiting Only the Best

Fortes Education recruits only the most talented and committed of educators – professionals who are inspirational leaders and teachers, and inspiring role models. Our educators fundamentally believe in our ethos of  MultiSmart LearningTM and Positive Education, and thus impart skills to not only develop critical thinking, but also to achieve well-being and happiness in life.

A World-class Team

RIS has a world-class Senior Leadership Team and faculty of Teachers with deep experience in teaching and learning, school administration and governance, and curriculum delivery and assessment. The team is further guided by a passionate Board of Directors with over two decades of experience in building and managing schools.

​​Our educators come from top-ranked universities in the UK and constantly hone and enhance their skills with our Continued Professional Development initiatives. Our senior leaders are nationally recognised education practitioners and our teachers have taught at leading schools in the UK.

Our Team’s Principles

Our team is committed to the principles of positive impact, open communication, partnership with parents, inclusive decision-making, and fairness, and are guided by the overarching goals of academic excellence, well-being and operational effectiveness.

Our teachers and leaders are open-minded and curious and empower students to engage in cross disciplinary, active, and collaborative learning.


Meet our Team

  • Sanjay Mankani
    Managing Director
  • Ajay Mankani
    Executive Director
  • Janet O’Keeffe- Gibas
    Director of Operations

  • Mr. Keith Miller
    Executive Principal
  • Mrs. Gaynor Dale
    Head of Whole School
  • Mr. David Williams
    Head of EYFS and Key Stage 1
  • Mr. Steve Dobson
    Head of Key Stage 2
  • Miss Joanne Leslie
    Deputy Head of EYFS & Key Stage 1 and SEN EYFS
  • Miss Andrea Higgins
    Deputy Head of Key Stage 2 and Head of English
  • Mrs. Natalie Waterman
    Assistant Head of EYFS & Key Stage 1 and Head of Maths
  • Miss Natasha Samuels
    Assistant Head of EYFS & Key Stage 1 and Head of Science
  • Mrs. Sharon Burke
    Head of Inclusion
  • Mrs. Ibtihaje EI Senne
    Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies
  • Miss Colette Kelly
    Head of Physical Education
  • Miss Jessica Walkinshaw
    Head of Music
  • Mr. Troy Ellison
    Head of Computing
  • Mr. Imeddedine Allagui
    Head of French
  • Miss Jessica Parkin
    English Subject Leader-EYFS & Key Stage 1
  • Miss Naomi Jones
    English Subject Leader-Key Stage 2
  • Miss Sarah Elliott
    Math Subject Leader-EYFS & Key Stage 1
  • Mr. Shane McLaughlin
    Maths Subject Leader-Key Stage 2
  • Mr. Javed Russool
    Science Subject Leader
  • Mr. Abdallah Aburedwan
    Arabic B Leader
  • Mr. Ahmed Sabry
    Islamic Studies Leader
  • Mrs. Honeiza Moosa
    Foundation 1 Leader
  • Ms. Rebekah Chaput
    Foundation 2 Leader
  • Miss Tracey Piddock
    Year 1 Leader
  • Mr. Matthew Flynn
    Year 2 Leader
  • Mr. Thomas Bates
    Year 3 Leader
  • Miss Rebecca Madeley
    Year 4 Leader
  • Mrs. Stephanie Williams
    Year 5 & Year 6 Leader
  • Mrs. Emma Freese
    PosEd Leader
  • Mrs. Honeiza Moosa
    FS1A - Sunbeams Class Teacher
  • Miss Jessica Parkin
    FS1B - Clouds Class Teacher
  • Miss Sinead Farrell
    FS1B - Snowflakes Class Teacher
  • Miss Ann Rayhaman
    FS1D - Rainbows Class Teacher
  • Miss Laura Gray
    FS1E - Lightnings Class Teacher
  • Miss Rebekah Chaput
    FS2A - Daisies Class Teacher
  • Miss Jessica Adams
    FS2B - Tulips Class Teacher
  • Miss Sophia Cattini
    FS2C - Sunflower Class Teacher
  • Miss Sarah Elliott
    FS2D - Poppies Class Teacher
  • Miss Claire Martin
    FS2E - Daffodils Class Teacher
  • Miss Sarann Seldon
    FS2F - Roses Class Teacher
  • Miss Jasmine Gray
    FS2G - Bluebells Class Teacher
  • Miss Sinead Dunleavy
    FS2H - Violets Class Teacher
  • Mrs Eram Mohayudin
    FS2I - Orchids Class Teacher
  • Miss Tracey Piddock
    Year 1 A Class Teacher
  • Mr. Michael Taylor
    Year 1 B Class Teacher
  • Miss Julia Macpherson
    Year 1 C Class Teacher
  • Miss Pamela Kumari
    Year 1 D Class Teacher
  • Miss Chloe Stafford
    Year 1 E Class Teacher
  • Miss Anita Kessack
    Year 1 F Class Teacher
  • Miss Holly Miles
    Year 1 G Class Teacher
  • Miss Victoria Porter
    Year 1 H Class Teacher
  • Miss Rebecca Casey
    Year 1 I Class Teacher
  • Miss Abigail Thomas
    Year 2 A Class Teacher
  • Miss Erin Dunne
    Year 2 B Class Teacher
  • Miss Rochelle Baker
    Year 2 C Class Teacher
  • Mr. Christopher May
    Year 2 D Class Teacher
  • Mr. Matthew Flynn
    Year 2 E Class Teacher
  • Miss Hannah Browne
    Year 2 F Class Teacher
  • Mrs. Seema Morjaria
    Year 2 G Class Teacher
  • Mr. Thomas Bates
    Year 3 A Class Teacher
  • Mr. Shane McLaughlin
    Year 3 B Class Teacher
  • Miss Afua Kwarteng
    Year 3 C Class Teacher
  • Miss Rebecca Ardrey
    Year 3 D Class Teacher
  • Miss Lauren Whelan
    Year 3 E Class Teacher
  • Miss Yeliz Sonmez
    Year 3 F Class Teacher
  • Miss Rebecca Madeley
    Year 4 A Class Teacher
  • Mr. Jack O'Toole
    Year 4 B Class Teacher
  • Mr. Jonathan Cahill
    Year 4 C Class Teacher
  • Miss Georgina Mead
    Year 4 D Class Teacher
  • Miss Hannah Woodall
    Year 5 A Class Teacher
  • Miss Natasha Lee
    Year 5 B Class Teacher
  • Mr. Padraig Carr
    Year 5 C Class Teacher
  • Mr. Javaid Russool
    Year 5 D Class Teacher
  • Mrs. Stephanie Williams
    Year 6 A Class Teacher
  • Mr. Thomas Peden
    Year 6 B Class Teacher
  • Miss Naomi Jones
    Year 6 C Class Teacher
  • Mrs. Suuzanne Gordon
    Year 1 Learning Support Practitioner
  • Mrs. Kreena Thakkar
    Year 2 Learning Support Practitioner
  • Mrs. Ekaterina Chuprina
    Year 3 Learning Support Practitioner
  • Mrs. Smita Agrawal
    Year 4 Learning Support Practitioner
  • Mrs. Katarina Rudzanova
    Year 5 Learning Support Practitioner
  • Mrs. Claire Miskelly
    Year 6 Learning Support Practitioner
  • Mrs. Assia Hamimi
    Cover Teacher
  • Mr. Abdullah Abu Redwan
    Arabic B Specialist Teacher
  • Mr. Ahmed Nouh
    Arabic B Specialist Teacher
  • Mrs. Reda Salam
    Arabic B Specialist Teacher
  • Mrs. Sandy Maher
    Arabic B Specialist Teacher
  • Mrs. Heba Eltomaily
    Arabic B Specialist Teacher
  • Mr. Ibrahim Kassem
    Arabic B Specialist Teacher
  • Miss Zainab Hussein
    Islamic A Specialist Teacher
  • Mr. Ahmed Sabry
    Islamic B Specialist Teacher
  • Mr. Mohammed Farag
    Arabic A Specialist Teacher
  • Mrs. Nesrin Saad
    Arabic A Specialist Teacher
  • Mr. Mohan Pal Singh
    Physical Education Specialist Teacher
  • Mr. John MacLellan
    Physical Education Specialist Teacher
  • Mr. Ashley Bradshaw
    Physical Education Specialist Teacher
  • Ms. Daphne Altea
    EYFS Music Specialist Teacher
  • Miss Anisa Bharmal
    Primary Music Specialist Teacher
  • Miss Victoria McKeown
    Achievement Centre Manager
  • Mrs. Soumaya Smith
    Individual Needs Support Assistant
  • Mrs. Martina Velik
    Individual Needs Support Assistant
  • Mrs. Paula Coan
    Individual Needs Support Assistant
  • Mrs. Mini Khanna
    Individual Needs Support Assistant
  • Miss Kriztel Sayana
    Individual Needs Support Assistant
  • Mrs. Ismat Akhtar
    Individual Needs Support Assistant
  • Mrs. Fatima Abdullah
    School Counsellor
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